nFusz Launches Global Marketing Campaign For Its notifiCRM “Entourage” Package Designed For Network Marketers

Entourage accounts are equipped with a library of compliance-approved, interactive videos that automatically personalize upon sign-up

HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- nFusz, Inc. (OTCQB:FUSZ), the Hollywood-based digital technology company, announces the release of its “Entourage” package, a subscription-based account option for its notifiCRM service, the world’s first interactive video-based CRM, created specifically for the 100 million people involved with network marketing sales. A corresponding marketing campaign, titled “Network Marketing Made Easy,” launched today will promote this new package offering.

The company is showcasing an example of its Entourage interactive video marketing campaign which can be viewed by clicking here. For a glimpse of some of the other promotional materials that will be utilized in the marketing campaign, click here.  

Prospective subscribers can sign-up for their notifiCRM Entourage account straight from the nFusz website here, which features a dropdown menu making it easy for independent representatives with many of the major network marketing organizations to get started. Subscribers simply select the name of the network marketing company with which they are affiliated and complete a quick sign-up form. Subscribers then have immediate access to a library of pre-loaded interactive videos that will do the selling for them. The videos are all compliance-approved and through the magic of notifiCRM technology, each video is already interactive, with clickable, in-video calls-to-action which are auto-personalized for each subscriber, based on the information they entered at sign-up.

The Entourage account is available at a modest cost of $9.99/month, plus a one-time $19.99 set-up fee. Non-network marketing sales reps can sign-up for an “Entrepreneur” account, as an individual user ($14.99/month and $4.99 set-up fee), or for an “Enterprise” account, which is white labeled with custom branding and logos for business and enterprise accounts with multiple sub-users ($99.99/month and $199.99 set-up fee). All notifiCRM users have access to a menu of interactive video features they can insert in their videos. These options include in-video clickable links that can deliver their prospects and leads straight to their company landing pages, or instantly purchase their products, sign-up to join their organization, or call or email them directly, and even the ability to click on a link that opens a calendar for prospects to schedule a meeting, and so much more — all from within interactive videos, and all while the video continues to play, keeping your prospects and clients engaged.

“It really doesn’t get any easier to sell a network marketing product or service than our Entourage package,” explains nFusz CEO Rory J. Cutaia. “Now, anyone can sell. You no longer need selling skills, you don’t even have to have technical skills. You don’t have to import your own videos, you don’t have to make your own videos, you don’t even have to learn how to make videos interactive — even though it’s very simple with notifiCRM — all you have to do is sign-up, log-in, import your contacts, and it’s done. The videos are already there, compliance-approved, with the interactivity personalized for you, as the salesperson. Because it eliminates sales skill, lack of training, compliance and attrition, our Entourage package solves virtually all of the challenges faced by today’s network marketers,” continues Mr. Cutaia.

“We are adding companies to this list each day,” adds Mr. Cutaia, “so if you don’t see your network marketing company name on the list, reach out to us at”

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