Sheerly Genius Creates World’s First Pair of Indestructible Sheer Pantyhose

The rip-proof, snag-proof, life-proof pantyhose are built with fibers often found in bullet-proof vests to create a proprietary blend that lasts up to 50 wears

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Sheerly Genius announces the world’s first pair of indestructible sheer pantyhose, designed to be as strong as the women who wear them. These are not your granny’s pantyhose—these pantyhose are built with some of the strongest fibers in the world, up to ten times stronger than steel and used in ballistic products, like bulletproof vests. Sheerly Genius pantyhose are built to withstand Velcro, rings, zippers, kids, finger nails, dogs—whatever life throws at them.

Creating Sheerly Genius was no easy feat. All of the fibers on the market today are either strong or sheer, not both. After a year of research and development, Sheerly Genius developed a proprietary fiber that’s strong, flexible and sheer—but almost too strong. Regular machinery can’t handle the fiber, so Sheerly Genius developed a proprietary manufacturing process built to withstand the strength of the material without compromising the wearability of the end product.

The sheers have been tested to withstand up to 50 wears. Before Sheerly Genius, woman had two options when it came to pantyhose, thick tights that may last but are made for the temperatures you’d find in the North Pole or a disposable pair of sheers that typically last one to two wears. The average woman will spend up $250 - $875 for 50 wears of generic or name-brand sheers. In just 50 wears of one pair of Sheerly Genius, women will save more than 25 pairs of those other sheer pantyhose from the landfill.

You don’t have to trade function for fashion anymore. The proprietary fiber is stain, odor and moisture resistant; it’s cool to the touch while still allowing for complete comfort and support. Sheerly Genius pantyhose are crafted with reinforced seams, an invisible waistband and a control top. They flatter and hug the curves of all body types.

At the age of 27, Katherine has already built and sold two technology companies, and is ready to shake up the hosiery market with the launch of Sheerly Genius. “Like most women, I have an entire drawer filled with nothing but ripped pantyhose—I call it the pantyhose graveyard,” says Katherine Homuth, Founder and CEO of Sheerly Genius. “One day I decided that there had to be a solution, so I sought it out. I tried all of the ‘revolutionary’ brands out there but it was all marketing, no substance. Sheerly Genius is the only pair that will live up to the hype. We’ve used real material science to get done what everyone from manufacturers to suppliers told us was impossible.”

Sheerly Genius is now accepting pre-orders which will begin shipping in Fall 2018. These high-end sheers cost $79 for the first 1000 customers (MSRP $145), and comes in a wide range of sizes from S-XXL. Sheerly Genius also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the first pair of pantyhose bought. For more about Sheerly Genius and to pre-order, visit:

Sheerly Genius is backed by Y Combinator. The company is also backed by a number of other prominent angel investors including fashion icon and founder of Club Monaco Joseph Mimran and Dragon’s Den’s Michele Romanow.

About Sheerly Genius
Sheerly Genius is the company behind the world’s first pair of indestructible sheer pantyhose. Rip-proof, snag-proof, life-proof. Made with the same type of fibers found in bullet-proof vests, Sheerly Genius pantyhose have been tested up to 50 wears and are designed for whatever life throws at you.

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