Latest Release of WegoWise’s Platform Provides Greater Visibility into Multifamily Property Performance

BOSTON, March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WegoWise, a utility benchmarking and data analytics company, announced the release of new platform product features. This product update provides multifamily asset managers with greater insights into property and portfolio operating performance to help improve NOI and increase asset values.

“WegoWise is committed to data analytics that provide timely and actionable information to help improve financial performance,” said Laila Partridge, CEO of WegoWise. “Quality data coupled with advanced analytics give real estate professionals the information they require to make timely operational and investment decisions. Simply put, better visibility means better results.”

New visibility functionality includes:

  • Live Spikes: A new interface for prioritizing and diagnosing utility usage spikes. These in-app and email alerts identify faulty equipment or excessive utility consumption early, enabling quick remedial action.
  • Flex Reporting: Adds tagging and filtering capabilities that enable more nuanced segmentation of property performance data -- from the property level to individual buildings, meters, and retrofit projects.
  • Alert Center: Gives users a centralized location to receive and manage spike alerts, learn about new functionality, and address any other data issues.
  • Search Features: Provides users with search functionality at the property, building, meter, or report level.

WegoWise helps improve the sustainability and operational performance of multifamily properties by providing insights into a building’s energy and water consumption. Using WegoWise’s utility performance analytics helps property owners and managers more efficiently manage their utility consumption, saving both time and money.

About WegoWise
WegoWise provides utility performance benchmarking and analytics services to property owners and managers of multifamily, single family, and commercial building portfolios.  Property managers use WegoWise to obtain useful, actionable information and to make better informed operational and capital investment decisions. WegoWise has the largest database of multifamily utility usage data in the world, tracking over 1.4 million units across 56,000 buildings and with automated data gathering capabilities with over 700 utilities. 

Crystal Woody