ViaDerma, Inc. Provides an Update of Current Marketing Activities

LOS ANGELES, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ViaDerma, Inc. (OTC Pink:VDRM), is pleased to provide an update of the Company’s current marketing activities:

  • ViaDerma is in discussions with a Huntington Beach based international consulting firm, to explore placement of Vitastem in Infomercials, a nationwide pharmacy chain with 9600 stores domestically, and foreign placements throughout the Middle-East and Dubai.
  • Discussions are also ongoing with representatives from a nationwide pharmaceutical distributor regarding distribution of Vitastem through their affiliated pharmacies and hospitals throughout the US, as well as distribution in the veterinary market though their association with veterinary suppliers nationwide.
  • ViaDerma is awaiting a formal proposal from CMD Innovations, LLC, to use Vitastem in their wound healing protocol. CMD provides effective medical solutions for healthcare facilities including V.A. Hospitals.
  • Negotiations are ongoing with a large, regional medical supply sales force for product distribution in pharmacies throughout the Southern United States.
  • Vitastem is currently undergoing an approval process by government regulatory agencies in Nigeria and the Philippines. Upon approval, Vitastem will be distributed to hospitals in those countries and the Philippines prison system.
  • Begun the process for approval of Vitastem by Medicare and other insurance companies reimbursement.
  • ViaDerma’s technology is currently being used in Elixr Cannabis products; Topical Balm, Topical Serum and Topical Spray. Sales have begun in Canada.
  • Last month ViaDerma was a proud sponsor at “SB52 Big Game Event” held during Superbowl weekend in Minneapolis, organized by The Brewer Group, a marketing, media and consulting firm founded by former NFL player, Jack Brewer.                                                                                                                                    

Dr. Christopher Otiko, President of ViaDerma, stated, “We are very excited in the direction we are headed with our product distribution efforts. We will provide further updates to these and other initiatives as developments unfold.”

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