Cloud Logistics Satisfies Food Shippers’ Growing Appetite for TMS

Pizza Wholesale, PTC Logistics, TMCO-Op, and a large commodities shipper Select Cloud Logistics TMS

West Palm Beach, Fla., March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Logistics, the provider of one of the most innovative Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the supply chain software industry, has been recently selected by four different food shippers. The food industry has seen unprecedented stress on supply chains and demand for efficient, effective technology to support challenging operational environments has resulted in tremendous activity in this dynamic industry.

Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc., a founding distributor of Hunt Brothers® Pizza, PTC Logistics, TMCO-Op, and a large commodities shipper have all chosen to partner with Cloud Logistics to provide the software needed to support their transportation networks. All of these organizations recognized the value that Cloud Logistics brings in the way of reduced freight costs and improved visibility while doing so with unprecedented, industry-leading ease-of-use.

“Each of these customers represent a different role in the overall food supply chain,” comments David Landau, EVP of Cloud Logistics. “From a commodities shipper providing critical ingredients to a produce grower that needs to fill the shelves in a grocery store to a pizza distributor providing their products to outlets across the country to a 3PL supporting the food industry with trays and packaging. Food industry participants of all types and sizes are looking to technology to help improve how they manage their transportation.”

Across all of these projects (along with others in the pipeline), there are three common themes. Most TMS solutions can rate and tender freight. What so many shippers across the food industry are now demanding is a system that is incredibly easy to use, provides visibility to inventory in-motion and generates a quick ROI through implementations that are measured in days or weeks rather than months.

“Hunt Brothers slogan - Made for Me - exemplifies our culture of meeting our customers’ need for delicious pizza when they want it, where they want it and how they want it,” comments Wade Wickus, Vice President of Supply Chain, Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc., a founding distributor of Hunt Brothers® Pizza. “We required a TMS that matches that philosophy. The Cloud Logistics solution gives us all of the functionality needed to manage our distribution network. I’ve worked with a lot of transportation solutions during my career. Without question, I’ve never seen a project this quick and easy.”

Cloud Logistics will be participating at a variety of food logistics events throughout 2018. Please contact us to schedule time to see our software at work at:

  • Food Shippers of America, March 11-13 in Phoenix, AZ
  • TPA Supply Chain Conference, April 15-17 in Orlando, FL
  • IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference, October 28-30 in San Antonio, TX
  • Other logistics events where you’ll see Cloud Logistics: Gartner Supply Chain Conference, CSCMP, MODEX

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