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TidalScale, the leader in Software-Defined Servers, announced today the next generation of its award-winning Software-Defined Server technology—what analysts have defined as the missing piece of the composable Software-Defined Data Center. TidalScale’s new generation delivers unprecedented performance, scalability, manageability and broad platform support. As a result, organizations gain more valuable business insights sooner, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by unlocking and optimizing the full value of data center resources.

Gary Smerdon, President & CEO at TidalScale
“Maintaining competitive advantage depends on an organization’s ability to quickly process and gain insight from real-time information, but the rapid growth of those data sets is outpacing the performance improvements in server hardware. The release of TidalScale’s breakthrough next-generation Software-Defined Server technology addresses these challenges and takes a giant leap toward a future where Software-Defined Servers are the foundation of modern data centers.” 

News Summary:

  • Award-winning combination of performance and TCO: TidalScale’s next-generation Software-Defined Server technology features significantly enhanced performance, scalability, and manageability, which brings more value to businesses by speeding insights and delivers lower TCO by giving IT powerful tools for freeing value from static data center assets.
  • Real-Time Machine Learning: TidalScale is leading the industry in deploying real-time machine learning beneath the operating system and applications to constantly optimize server performance and utilization.
  • Fast: A TidalScale Software-Defined Server with sufficient memory and CPU resources often outperforms an undersized traditional server by 10X-1000X. In addition, users can access this “right-sized” server in minutes –a radical improvement over the weeks or months it takes to deploy traditional large servers.
  • Easy: TidalScale’s WaveRunner™ orchestration software has been enhanced to expand manageability and speed deployment. Now, with WaveRunner’s point-and-click control panel, creating a Software-Defined Server of essentially any size from a set of commodity servers takes just three clicks and only five minutes.
  • Broad OS & application support: TidalScale Software-Defined Servers run applications and operating systems with zero modifications. Applications such as SAP HANA, Oracle Database, R and SPARK all benefit from affordable in-memory performance.  Additionally, TidalScale is certified by leading enterprise Linux providers including Red Hat, Ubuntu, and now SuSe Enterprise Linux (see related announcement). 

The Missing Piece in the Software-Defined Data Center
Software-Defined Servers use TidalScale’s patented inverse-hypervisor technology to break down barriers between physical servers and solve big data problems. Using TidalScale’s WaveRunner point-and-click orchestration software, virtually anyone can create a Software-Defined Server from multiple commodity physical servers in minutes. And once it’s up and running, TidalScale’s real-time machine learning layer continuously optimizes system performance. The result is flexible, self-optimizing software-defined compute infrastructure right-sized for today and easily reconfigured as an organization’s needs evolve.

Jeff Prevost, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, UTSA
“As a research institution, we serve a user base with a wide range of needs for compute, storage and network resources. Our goal is to serve these researchers so they can focus on their work and not on rewriting code to run across clusters. We're achieving this by architecting a data center stack that's entirely software-defined, so researchers simply submit their job, whatever it is, and we respond by standing up exactly what they need to complete it. TidalScale is an essential piece of this software-defined puzzle."

John Morency, Research VP, Gartner Research
“The ongoing adoption of software-defined infrastructure is as inevitable as that of x86 server virtualization a decade or more ago, and will achieve similar levels of penetration. Hardware will be viewed as being increasingly commoditized as the SDI abstraction layers mask the native capabilities and differentiators. As data center infrastructure becomes increasingly software-centric, new and agile software companies will disrupt many existing data center providers.”[i]

Faster Business Decisions
The scalability and in-memory performance of Software-Defined Servers enable users to make decisions more rapidly from increasingly large data. They offer a fast, flexible and easy scalability platform for all types of time-critical applications including in-memory databases, like SAP HANA and Oracle, simulations, and analytics workloads like Open Source R. 

Robert Frederick, CEO of Sirqul
“When IoT analytics problems overwhelm your largest server (or even the largest server available from your cloud computing provider), TidalScale steps in to deliver precisely what’s needed: a server configured to handle your increased IoT workload from Sirqul at any point in time. With TidalScale’s Software-Defined Servers, you’ll never have an analytics problem too big, too complex, or too time-consuming to handle. With IoT data growing 50 times faster than enterprise data, that's great news for Sirqul customers--and it's why we're partnering with TidalScale."

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About TidalScale, Inc.
TidalScale is the leading provider of Software-Defined Servers. By right-sizing servers on the fly, TidalScale helps organizations achieve results sooner and at a lower cost than traditional scaling options, while bringing new levels of flexibility to data centers. TidalScale solutions deliver in-memory performance at any scale, are self-optimizing, use standard hardware and are compatible with all applications and operating systems – and they achieve all this with no changes to applications or operating systems. TidalScale transforms the economics of the data center and the traditional time constraints of working with big data.  TidalScale was named as both an IDC Innovator[ii]  and a Gartner Cool Vendor[iii]  for 2017, and was a winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Global award for 2017. TidalScale is a privately held company with backing from Bain Capital, HWVP, Sapphire Ventures, Infosys, Citrix and Samsung. Learn more at

[i] Gartner, “Market Trends: Software-Defined Infrastructure — Who Can Benefit?” Scot MacLellan, John P Morency 14 June 2017
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[iii] Gartner “Cool Vendors in “Cloud Computing, 2017” Gregor Petri, David EdwardAckerman, Stanley Zaffos, Sid Nag, Ed Anderson, Cathy Tornbohm, 25 May 2017.

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