Transport Bags Market to Exceed USD 26 billion by 2026 at CAGR of 6.3%

NEW YORK, April 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Transport Bags Market was valued at USD 14.28 billion in 2017 and expected to reach USD 26.68 billion by 2026 at CAGR of 7.2%. Packaging has become a very important aspect of transportation service. Quality packaging and safety of product are two paramount parameters of packaging in today’s world. Transport bags play a very vital role in the packaging of various elements as well as in safety. It protects the elements from accidents, temperature, heavy rain, humidity and many other natural or manmade damaging reasons. As the packaging industry has grown and continues to grow tremendously, Transport bags market has also grown at a significant rate globally.

Transport Bags market has shown impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3% between 2013-17 and is expected to grow at an even higher CAGR of 7.2 % between 2018-26, according to Profshare Market Research. Transport Bags finds its importance of packaging in various industries such as electronics, agriculture, automotive, construction, food & beverages, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. All of these industries are growing at a significant growth rate and hence Transport Bags market is showing a high growth rate. Increasing popularity of online shopping also is propelling fuel to the growth of Transport Bags market.

North America is the leading player of the market with more than USD 24 billion revenue generation through Luggage and Bags market in 2017. European market has significant impact on Transport Bags market with more than USD 25 billion revenue generated through Luggage and Bags market in 2017. Asia-Pacific is an eye catching market for Transportation and Packaging industry. Rising population, increasing disposable income and better lifestyle are the primary reasons for the growth of Transport Bags market in the Asia-Pacific region. Africa and the Middle East are expected to grow at a constant rate in the forecasted period.

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