Global Airport Bird Dispersal System: Market Overview and Future Opportunities 2026

NEW YORK, April 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Birds pose a serious threat to aviation safety. Since the early days of aviation, collisions of aircraft and birds have taken place, sometimes with fatal consequences. Generally, the damage increases with size and weight of the bird species involved and the aircraft’s speed and impact location. Also, the behaviour of bird species influences the risks, for instance flocking or certain migration patterns and flying altitudes. Development of larger, faster and quieter aircraft, jet engines and intensification of air traffic caused an increase in the number of incidents. Military exercises involve flying at high speed and low altitude, and are exposed to a more serious risk. Also, large flocking birds, considered to be the greatest threat to aircraft, have increased in numbers in both Europe and North America. 

The report comprises value chain analysis for each of the product segments. Value chain analysis offers in depth information about value addition at each stage. The study includes drivers and restraints for Airport Bird Dispersal System Market along with their impact on demand during the forecast period. The study also provides key market indicators affecting the growth of the market. Research report includes major player analysis with shares of each player inside market, growth rate and market attractiveness in different end users/regions. Our study on Airport Bird Dispersal System Market helps user to make precise decision in order to expand their market presence and increase their market share. 

The report provides Airport Bird Dispersal System Market Dynamics, includes industry growth drivers, challenges, opportunities, risk, constraints as well as threats. Reports also include Manufacturing Cost Analysis mainly included Raw Materials Analysis, Price Trend of product, Mergers & Acquisitions, Expansion, Key Suppliers of product, Concentration Rate of Airport Bird Dispersal System Market, Manufacturing Process Analysis. Research Report contains Market Effect Factors analysis mainly included Technology Progress, Consumer Needs Trend, External Environmental Change.

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Airport Bird Dispersal System Market: Operation Mode

• Acoustic

• Laser

• Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

• Radar

Airport Bird Dispersal System Market: Applications

• Civil Airport

• Military Airport

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Airport Bird Dispersal System Market: Company Analysis

• Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd

• Clear Flight Solutions

• OIS Advanced Technology

• Bird Control Group

• Sterela

Airport Bird Dispersal System Market report delivers comprehensive analysis of:

• Market Forecast for 2018-26
• Market growth drivers
• Challenges and Opportunities
• Emerging and Current market trends
• Market player Capacity, Production, Revenue (Value)
• Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import analysis
• End user/application Analysis

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