Claritas’ PRIZM® Premier Data Now Integrated into Limbik’s Video Data Studio to Help Marketers Create More Targeted Content

Columbus, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Cincinnati & New York, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas, a leading provider of consumer segmentation analysis and tools to help companies find customers, and Limbik, the first data platform for short-form video, today announced a partnership that will enable marketers and advertisers to predict what video content will be successful for specific consumer segments.

Where until now video content performance has been based primarily on views, Limbik’s tools allow creative and editorial teams to understand unique contextual, visual and audible attributes that resonate most with exposed viewers. These insights will also be paired with Claritas data to help clients understand the most effective audiences that engage with these videos.  

“As the fastest growing category of ad inventory, our clients want to engage and measure their audiences using video. Limbik short-form video solutions offer advertisers the ability to create and distribute video content for the right audiences using Claritas segmentation,” said Mike Nazarro, CEO, Claritas. 

As part of the partnership, Limbik’s Video Data Studio will now include data from Claritas’ PRIZM Premier segmentation system. With the definitive collection of short-form video data, the addition of PRIZM® Premier segmentation data will provide Limbik clients with access to data-driven content recommendations segmented by 68 PRIZM Premier segments, as well as by many other consumer behaviors, shopping patterns, media preferences, technology habits and household assets.

“Without question, Claritas is synonymous with smart data and industry-leading consumer lifestyle segmentation,” said Zach Schwitzky, CEO and co-founder at Limbik. “Video used to be an advantage. Now, since everyone is using it, we must figure out new ways to set ourselves apart and provide more value to our clients. With this new partnership, we are excited to give marketers the ability to create and package video based on what their customers are watching and how they watch. No gut instinct required.” 

Claritas and Limbik’s newly integrated capabilities will equip brands, agencies and publishers with the tools to uncover the precise triggers of attention and engagement for relevant audiences, with the attributes that perform, and the analytics explaining the why behind their buy. 

During the next several months, in addition to PRIZM Premier, the partnership will further expand to include the integration of Claritas’ entire suite of segmentation codes from Claritas P$YCLE (financial behaviors) and Claritas ConneXions (technology behaviors and adoption), providing the nation’s largest brands the ability to more effectively use short-form video to find and engage their best customers, simply and quickly, at scale.


About Claritas

Founded in 1971, Claritas helps companies find customers to sell smarter and win bigger. 

Our unique methodology, which combines sought after data resources with direct, original consumer research, is proven to help you find your best customers faster. Claritas is the only business that provides context — leading to insights that inspire growth. Our products and services help paint a 360-degree picture of your customer or prospect using unique behavior-based segments. 

Through Claritas’ core product, PRIZM® Premier Segmentation, clients can better understand where their consumers live, work, play and shop for more effective and efficient marketing across all channels. 

A former division of Nielsen, Claritas is now independently owned by the global alternative asset manager The Carlyle Group (NASDAQ: CG), in partnership with the Indian Hill Group. 

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About Limbik

Limbik is the first Data Studio for short-form video. By annotating and analyzing the contextual, visual and audible characteristics of video at scale, and associating each attribute with actual viewing behavior, Limbik uncovers the precise triggers of attention. Using artificial intelligence, Limbik has developed a set of technology-enabled processes to predict what content will be successful, with the attributes that perform and the analytics explaining why. Powered by the definitive collection of short-form video data, Limbik partners with creative and editorial teams at many of the world’s leading brands, creative agencies, publishers and media companies to create and distribute the most effective short-form video content.

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