B&H Depth of Field Conference, April 24 – 25, 2018

The First Annual B&H Depth of Field Conference will set the standard for an event tailored to fostering new photographers and videographers, as well as inspiring the veteran pro

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, April 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This conference will feature a main stage that will be live-streamed for those who can’t attend. The Main Stage presentations offer intense content, designed to inspire viewers. Acclaimed photographer Lindsay Adler will be emceeing the Main Stage and introducing speakers. Depth of Field will also feature three classrooms running simultaneously, with smaller, more focused workshops on how to run photography businesses. B&H will also feature a video platform run by Love Stories TV that will offer programming tailored for those who prefer to work at 30 frames per second, as opposed to 1/250 of a second. To help choose which session is best for the individual, the final speaking schedule will have coded “tracks” to direct focus on what each participant needs to learn. Main-stage presentations will be recorded and showcased soon after Depth of Field, so it will be accessible later. Please note that the secondary classes will not be recorded, so please try to attend any class that’s germane. As a courtesy, anyone registered for Day One will be registered automatically for Day Two.

Don’t miss out on the Depth of Field Studios, which will offer seven fully outfitted studios, complete with models and sets. Take a complimentary Lexar memory card and browse the loaner-gear lockers, check out high-end cameras and lenses in a real-world shooting environment, with pros to guide the way. Leica SL, Nikon D850, Sony A7Riii cameras, and the fastest lenses from all the major manufacturers, including Sigma and Tamron, will be available.

After crafting images, the hands-on HP and Apple work stations will be open for lessons on editing, post-processing, and workflow. Understand how monitor quality affects critical color adjustments with Viewsonic and LG pro monitors. Pick the best images and have Canon and Epson make prints. It’s the whole experience, from shoot to print, at Depth of Field. B&H is very excited to bring this segment of the program to attendees, especially for the new photographers who lack diversity and volume in their starter portfolios. The work they create here will help get a foothold in the industry or brighten up their social media platforms as they upload images to their Instagram feeds (as a matter of fact, by tagging images created at Depth of Field, attendees will have a chance to win a Sony A7Riii camera!).

Nikon will host a Depth of Field Social Hour for an extra hour on the first day (Tuesday, April 24), where attendees will be welcomed, to relax with beverages and light snacks in the company of all the guest speakers.

B&H Depth of Field Conference; April 24 – 25, 2018; 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Penn Plaza Pavilion in New York City at 33rd Street & 7th Avenue 


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