TCDI® Announces CVLynx, the Next-Generation, Integrated Platform for Legal Operations and eDiscovery Teams

Technology Concepts & Design, Inc. (TCDI), a pioneer in legal technology, announced the release of CVLynx, the newest iteration of its trusted ClarVergence® application that will redefine how legal teams handle document review and complex case management. CVLynx is a significant upgrade to the company’s well-known CV6 application, adding dynamic visual analytics tools designed to help corporate legal teams and law firms understand their data more quickly.

ClarVergence is also renamed CVSuite, combining TCDI’s family of products, including CVLynx, CVFox® and CVOnyx that harness the power of data processing, automated workflows and visual analytics to help shorten eDiscovery review times and improve collaboration between eDiscovery and legal operations teams.

“The latest release in our CVSuite of products is a testament to our development and client services teams listening to our clients and understanding their future data and communication challenges,” said Bill Johnson, CEO of TCDI. "Providing an integrated platform will help our clients reduce the time and cost to review massive amounts of data and improve communications within the legal team.”

CVLynx provides a comprehensive, integrated platform for eDiscovery processing through production alongside complex litigation management tools. It enables the re-use of data for serial litigation. The new, efficient review features within CVLynx provide document reviewers with easy-to-use options for predictive coding and prioritized review, significantly reducing overall time and budget spent during the review process.

The benefits of CVLynx include:

  • Improved Interface: Customizable review UI with summary grid and thumbnails. Full record display in review allows access to all images and metadata without leaving the record.
  • New Coding Options:  Simple user-level hotkey shortcuts allow users to code one or more records with the click of a button and reviewers can now copy coding from last record, providing efficient coding for similar records.
  • Easy-to-use Predictive Coding: Technology Assisted Review is now accessible to the masses. Suggested coding uses an easy-to-understand STAR rating system which then allows a reviewer to agree or disagree.
  • Powerful Visualizations: Dynamic clustering allows reviewers to select records and create graphical representations of their similarities based on any field of the database (concept, custodian, date, etc.) enabling them to visually prioritize documents in large review sets.
  • Secure Communication: New CVChat built-in functionality offers a quick, secure method of team collaboration right inside the platform.

“We are excited to be offering accessible, built-in technology assisted review as part of the latest release,” said Caragh Landry, President of Litigation Services, TCDI. “Our data visualizations and collaboration tools are going to significantly increase review team productivity and reduce errors.”

CVLynx also helps legal teams organize and manage their pleadings, fact sheets, case profiles, plaintiff profiles, and includes deposition tools to track witnesses and the different transcripts involved. In scenarios such as multi-district litigation or class-action matters where there could possibly be hundreds of transcripts or depositions, teams will be able to collaborate more effectively.

Representatives from TCDI will be at the CLOC Institute April 22 – 25, 2018 in Las Vegas at Booth 111, and Caragh Landry, TCDI’s President of Litigation Services will present a product demo of CVLynx on Tuesday, April 24th at 3:30pm. For more information visit

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