Sector 5 Secures Growth Financing from Private Equity Firm

Sector 5’s CEO lays out the use of these proceeds for expansion and growth in the market for wireless charging and wider exposure for the company

ALEXANDRIA, VA, April 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sector 5, Inc. (OTC: SFIV), a fast-growing computer maker and distributor, secured a $350,000 loan pursuant to the terms of a 10% convertible promissory note due in nine months with Auctus Fund, LLC on April 19, 2018. The Company also issued warrants to Auctus Fund to purchase up to 350,000 shares of common stock at $0.50 per share for five years.

Erick Kuvshinikov, the Chief Executive Officer of Sector 5, announced: “This round of financing was essential. We are finishing up our 15-watt wireless charging solution for laptops and other electronic devices. The funds are being used to secure patents, FCC and UL certifications, as well as equipment and devices to demonstrate this solution with a broad array of technologies.” 

Mr. Kuvshinikov continued: “We believe this round of financing will increase investor awareness. Sector 5 has demonstrated the ability to get products that the business and education communities want in a cost-efficient way. These new innovations continue to spread awareness on how much we can utilize technology in our daily life, our schools, and our businesses. Shareholders should be made aware that simple ideas can be extremely important tools for the public. The key is to produce something that has ease of use, with innovations that seamlessly incorporate into our daily lives and speed-up critical thinking are essential for us to frontier. Sector 5 is working hard to create what we think is the next step in the evolution of computing. Wireless charging is something we see as that next step.

“How many times have we been someplace and can’t find the correct cord to plug-in a computer, tablet or smart phone? In many cases, teachers need to manually connect 30+ computers or tablets to charge their students’ learning tools. Some businesses and professional organizations have multiple devices for inventory, check-ins, point of sale and countless other applications. Wireless charging would give back that extra 5 to 15 minutes per class to connect and disconnect every unit. It would save organizations countless hours waiting for units to charge. Sector 5 is developing a wireless charging solution to do just that. We want to make it easy for students, teachers and business professionals to keep their devices charged and ready to use at a moment’s notice,” he concluded. 

Sector 5 is developing and bringing forth new innovations, growing its company through helping schools and its B2B customers. Sector 5 is working on getting its common stock traded on the OTCQB venture marketplace. In its filing with the SEC, Sector 5’s Form 8-A is extremely useful to investors considering the purchase of any newly issued or soon-to-be issued shares. Since many new companies do not immediately receive analyst coverage, savvy investors know that additional reporting due to filing this form will fill in the gaps in their research. 

About Sector 5, Inc.

Sector 5, Inc. is a Nevada corporation, publicly traded (OTC: SFIV), that creates, manufactures and sells Sector 5 branded electronics utilizing Chrome, Android and Windows Operating Systems, focused on the educational and consumer electronics markets. Sector 5 and its manufacturing partners, "best in class" suppliers, and tier-1 designers are working together to combine American ingenuity and China’s manufacturing strengths to create products with the latest technology, innovative features (rugged designs, spill/drop resistant, portable) and fair pricing, exceeding market expectations. Sector 5’s distribution strategy centers on its competitive advantages in the B2B, retail, e-commerce, K-12 and higher education markets. Sector 5’s foundation of success and promise to the world is defined by a pursuit of simplicity and a commitment to innovation. Quality, reliability and excellent customer support is an integral component of that commitment. Further information can be found at and

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