Kaminario Announces General Availability of Composable Data Platform for NVMe-based K2.N Architecture

Kaminario releases new K2.N-capable features to VisionOS, Clarity and Flex software platforms, offering seamless path to next generation NVMe-based datacenter infrastructure

NEEDHAM, Mass., May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaminario, a leading cloud storage software company, today announced general availability of .N-capable versions of its composable data platform, incorporating the VisionOS, Clarity and Flex software solutions. These enhancements extend the established software platform supporting the Kaminario K2 all-flash array and the Cloud Fabric software-based offerings to also support the fully converged NVMe (non-volatile memory express) and NVMe over fabric architecture of Kaminario K2.N.  K2.N, Kaminario’s next generation all-flash storage architecture, delivers a new level of performance and agility while leveraging the full set of established data services available on the 6th generation K2 all-flash array.

VisionOS and Clarity have been the backbone of Kaminario K2 offering – recognized by Gartner for achieving the highest score in three out of five use cases in the 2017 Critical Capabilities report for solid state arrays. Kaminario Flex is the industry’s first storage orchestration platform that  allows customers to dynamically compose and manage high performance, virtual storage arrays with no physical reconfiguration. Availability of .N-capable VisionOS and Clarity and the first production release of Flex create a seamless path for cloud datacenter operators to move to the next generation of NVMe and NVMe over fabric infrastructure.

“NVMe and NVMe over fabric technologies are destined to be the standard for datacenter class storage infrastructure,” said Eyal David, chief technology officer, Kaminario. “Kaminario’s composable data platform uniquely leverages low latency NVMe over fabric connectivity to define a new paradigm for shared storage that delivers the performance and cost efficiency of all-flash arrays and the operational efficiency of hyperconverged infrastructure.”

New .N-capable features of Kaminario’s composable data platform include:

VisionOS now supports any-to-any configurations of controllers, called c.nodes, and media shelves, called m.nodes.  In the K2.N architecture, customers can build storage arrays comprised of any number of c.nodes and m.nodes to deliver the exact level of performance and capacity efficiency needed for a workload.   This approach does away with the traditional notion of scale-up or scale-out storage based on a dual controller architecture.

Clarity now brings monitoring, analytics, and service management to the K2.N platform.  Clarity can monitor a mix of K2 and K2.N assets for a customer and provide enterprise-wide capacity and performance monitoring utilities.  The latest Clarity release also incorporates new reporting to support the usage-based Cloud Fabric pricing model.

Flex supports dynamic orchestration of K2.N resources.  This includes the creation of Virtual Private Arrays (VPAs) comprised of any number of c.nodes and m.nodes and the ability to allocate resources from one VPA to another at the software layer – with no physical reconfiguration of resources.

.N-capable features are generally available in version 8 of VisionOS, Clarity and Flex. Kaminario’s Composable data platform can be purchased as a pre-integrated appliance – K2 and K2.N or as a software-only offering, Cloud Fabric. 

Supporting Quotes from Industry Analysts
“Kaminario's application of NVMe performance to data mobility, along with the orchestration layer to manage composability, not only enables a flexibility that is sorely needed in mainstream mixed workload environments but also is unique in the industry,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Storage, IDC.

“We believe Kaminario’s all-flash array was already competitive, and the new version of the system should sharpen the company’s edge, said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Group. “The composability promised for the K2.N looks impressive, and we presume it will appeal most strongly to the service providers that are Kaminario’s primary target customers.”

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451 Research Report, “Kaminario does a two-step into all-NVMe flash storage and composability,” February 2018.
IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by Kaminario, "Using NVMe Performance to Enable Storage Infrastructure Composability," Oct 2017.

About Kaminario

Kaminario is making the autonomous datacenter a reality, letting customers stay focused on scaling their business. Kaminario’s composable data platform delivers the agility, scalability, performance, and economics that global organizations demand to stay competitive in a cloud-first world.  Real-time analytics, datacenter automation, and assured data access let our customers power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem.  Headquartered outside of Boston, Kaminario works with an extensive network of resellers and distributors, globally. For more information, please visit www.kaminario.com.

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