Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. ( Has been uplifted from OTCMarkets “STOP SIGN” to OTCMarkets “CURRENT INFORMATION” and key management updates.

The Company updated and filed financial documents to OTCMarkets in the continued effort to provide maximum transparencies. As the Company continues to restructure and generate revenue, it intends to engage an auditing firm to satisfy the listing requirements of OTCMarkets and possibly other exchanges.

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

New York, June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accelerated Technologies appointed key management and advisors to further its offerings. Mr. Alex Lemberg was appointed to the Board of Directors. Mr. Lemberg, is also charged as Managing Director, leading Accelerated Technologies and our subsidiaries efforts relating to Data Science, Data Visualization and Artificial Intelligence. This group is tasked with providing our internal management teams the ability to make effective real time decision and improved reporting across all our assets. These efforts will also lead to better transparencies to our investors beginning in the near future.

Mr. Mike Stankiewicz, President of Altius Systems, a cyber security company, has been appointed to the Board of Advisors. Mr. Stankiewicz will advise the Company on Security and Compliance and has initiated measures for SOC2 Compliance certification.

ATHC will look to extend our Data Visualization, Cyber Security and Management as consulting services to the general marketplace in the coming quarters.

"We are pleased to uplift to Current Information with OTCMarkets. Stop Sign removal will make transacting in ATHC less prohibitive. We welcome our new executives and advisors. The latest talent acquisition for ATHC will enable Accelerated Technologies to secure our infrastructures, become SOC compliant, minimize cyber risk, expand our offerings and maintain real time reporting via data visualization for maximum efficiencies ".  Said Kevin Kading, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. President.

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. ( is a full-service end to end business solution and technology company that specializes in cloud based disruptive technologies. The Company provides consulting and enterprise level technology services. In addition, ATHC is involved in developing its own disruptive technology products in the sectors of artificial social realities, short term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions and Blockchain technologies focused on social engagement, sports, entertainment and content creation.

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