Claritas Completes Transformative Year as Stand-Alone Company

Columbus, Ohio, UNITED STATES

CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas is expanding its business after making significant investments this past year. Claritas was spun out from Nielsen in January 2017 and the new ownership team has been investing in data sources, technology, talent, digital activation, and custom research to enable clients to find their best customers, simply and at scale. 

“We’ve transformed from the inside out. We are a customer company,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “Providing clients with deeper insights, more efficient tools and the industry’s best customer service is delivering results. We are investing to create meaningful innovation for our clients, and it is delivering value. Client satisfaction levels are at all-time highs, we’re seeing double-digit growth in our agency, media, communications and financial services industries, new business is thriving, and client relationships are deepening, as clients recognize the value of our expertise and unique data sources that can’t be found elsewhere.” 

Claritas recently launched a brand refresh, logo, messaging and strategy that better defines the company and the value it provides to its clients. Claritas now markets itself as a company focused on helping clients find new customers. 

“The relaunch represents our connectivity, transparency and clarity – all of which we deliver to our customers with unmatched products and solutions for more powerful marketing,” said Nazzaro. 

In 2018, Claritas expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of Geoscape International, a company focused on multicultural business intelligence. Geoscape offers a suite of insights that allow marketers to access high-growth consumer groups such as Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, Millennials, GenZ and LGBT online and offline. Paired with Claritas’ view of consumers, they offer marketers the industry’s most comprehensive understanding of today’s growing consumer groups to sell smarter. 

Additionally, Claritas launched numerous product and service advancements, positioning the company for accelerated growth, including: 

  • Segmentation on Demand™, a proprietary tool and modeling process using exclusive assets to create a customized client solution for even greater precision targeting. Optimizing segments based on behaviors important to clients’ needs, provides powerful targeting that is custom to their needs and actionable for use in 1-to-1 marketing; 
  • Claritas Digital Audiences – thousands of new online audiences have been added designed to help brands find their next customer based on behaviors such as dining (affinities for specific restaurant chains, menu items and beverages), shopping and travel to name a few; 
  • Audientivity® - a new digital audience targeting platform helps brands reach individual consumers and businesses through their internet-connected devices; and 
  • Claritas Small Business Behavior Track - New data on small- to medium-sized businesses, going beyond basic firmographics, to help marketers identify what influences purchasers’ decisions by industry, number of employees, and other key factors to sell smarter and win bigger. 

“We will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible to help our clients succeed. Whether by bringing in a new stream of big data to add depth to our current solutions or through creative partnerships and acquisitions,” said Karthik Iyer, Chief Operations Officer, Claritas. “As we continue to enhance our offerings, we will focus on helping our clients turn potential into growth.” 

In the coming year, Claritas will be aggressively exploring the addition of new strategic alliances active within the media and agency industries and considering additional acquisitions of businesses innovating within the data and customer marketing fields to better serve clients. 

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About Claritas 

Founded in 1971, Claritas helps companies find customers to sell smarter and win bigger. 

Our unique methodology, which combines sought after data resources with direct, original consumer research, is proven to help you find your best customers faster. Claritas is the only business that provides context — leading to insights that inspire growth. Our products and services help paint a 360-degree picture of your customer or prospect using unique behavior-based segments. 

Through Claritas’ core product, PRIZM® Premier Segmentation, clients can better understand where their consumers live, work, play and shop for more effective and efficient marketing across all channels. 

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