Watson Illustrates Taste-Masking Abilities of Microencapsulation

West Haven Connecticut, UNITED STATES

West Haven, Connecticut, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Some of the ingredients and nutrients used in food formulation have strong, undesirable flavors.  In food and supplement formulation, it is sometimes necessary to mask these undesirable flavors or odors to satisfy consumer appeal.  One of the most effective technologies used to mask flavor is microencapsulation, which is a process by which a protective coating, called a matrix, is applied around a small particle of the substance with the undesirable flavor, called the core or active. The matrix keeps the active ingredient locked in and stabilized until the release of the material is desired.

Watson will demonstrate the flavor-masking power of microencapsulation at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Expo 2018.  Watson will be offering samples of a gummy supplement containing caffeine for tasting.  Caffeine naturally has a strong, bitter flavor and therefore is often a challenge for food and supplement manufacturers because it can have a big impact on their flavor profile. 

The Gummy Supplements to be sampled at the booth will contain 10 mg of caffeine per piece.  Using gummies as a delivery format can be challenging.  When gummies are manufactured for supplement companies, the active ingredients are subjected to extreme heat, which can melt off the fat coatings which are often used in microencapsulation.  For these ‘caffeinated’ gummies, Watson utilized solvent coating technology to apply a heat-resistant, water-insoluble coating onto the particle substrate.

The ability to effectively taste-mask the bitter flavor of caffeine in a gummy, which is subjected to extreme temperatures in the manufacturing process, is intended to illustrate Watson’s expertise in microencapsulation technology.  More information on microencapsulation and a video on the benefits of microencapsulation can be found on the company’s website: https://www.watson-inc.com/our-capabilities/microencapsulation/


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