Attis Industries Provides Restructuring Update


Restructures Prior Equity Financing to Remove Restrictions, Improve Valuation, and Minimize Dilution

MILTON, GA, Aug. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attis Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: ATIS) (the “Company” or “Attis”), a diversified innovation and technology holding company, today announced the restructuring of its Series F Preferred Stock financing completed in February 2018.  As part of the restructuring, the Company executed the closing agreements on a new financing arrangement with a single existing institutional shareholder, which now allows for future long-term financing, increasing the conversion valuation, and reducing potential dilution. 

As a result of such recent agreements, four of the prior Series F Preferred holders were bought out and the conversion rate changed from a variable price to the greater of $0.50 per share or 100% of the lowest closing market price for the 30 days preceding conversion. Additionally, the new holders of the preferred stock have agreed to leakout restrictions limiting the amount of common stock that can be sold upon conversion of the preferred stock. 

“The February 2018 financing served its purpose at a critical time, but it included provisions that put the Company at risk of substantial dilution and restricted its ability to obtain financing, including at higher valuations,” stated, Jeff Cosman, Chief Executive Officer of Attis Industries. “Those features are now gone, paving the way for us to raise capital at higher valuations, evaluate strategic acquisitions, and look to increase revenue and incomeas we implement our plan to build shareholder value by eliminating debt and growing our Healthcare and Innovations units.”

The Company grew its former solid waste business rapidly, but the associated debt load and cash needs became a bottleneck that frustrated the Company’s development of new and potentially more profitable ventures in its newly developed Healthcare and Innovations units. The Company has since sold off its solid waste division, eliminating approximately 90% of the related debt, with $9 million of that debt remaining. Refinancing that debt on cost-effective terms is a primary objective of the Company’s previously announced restructuring plans.  

Cosman continued, “I personally believe that we continue to be negatively impacted by our former businesses and legacy debt and financing costs.  Today, our stock price is nowhere near indicative of the value we are building in our Healthcare and Innovations groups. Another important benefit of the transaction we just completed is that we are now free to refinance that debt on terms that we believe will be accretive to shareholder value. We’re close to doing so thanks to the support of our investors. At the same time, our Healthcare and Innovations teams are making great strides to position our respective businesses for continued growth and anticipated profitability. I’m excited to see the combined effect on shareholder value through the balance of 2018 and beyond.” 

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Attis Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: ATIS) is a diversified innovation and technology holding company defined by its commitment to servicing its clients with unwavering respect, fairness, andcare. We are focused on finding and implementing solutions for the resource needs and challenges of our customers with a fundamental objective to seek rewarding solutions through technology and innovation. Our healthcare business centers on creating community-based synergies through collaborations and software solutions. Our innovation business strives to create value from recovered resources. For more information, visit:

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