Introducing Threat Models On-Demand: ThreatModeler’s Cloud Series

New Offering Provides Pre-Built Templates Designed to Reduce the Time to Build Threat Models to just Minutes

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Aug. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThreatModeler Software, Inc., provider of the industry’s #1 automated threat modeling platform, today announced the beginning of its new offering of pre-built threat models which can be downloaded and instantly utilized or modified.  According to Mark Meyer, Chief Revenue Officer of ThreatModeler, the ThreatModeler for Cloud is the first of many strategic announcements planned for 2018-19.

“We are introducing this new offering in response to ongoing customer demand,” said Meyer. “Organizations that are in the process of improving their DevOps implementation – and particularly those working with a CI/CD production environment – increasingly are asking for consumable, pre-built threat models that can be customized quickly and implemented by non-security experts. Downloadable threat models will be an important part of our ongoing strategic initiatives for 2018 and beyond.”

According to Meyer, ThreatModeler’s new offering will make threat models as accessible to fast-moving development teams as open source code bundles. “Anyone on the DevOps team can quickly locate the type of threat model needed, customize it for their particular situation, and receive immediately actionable outputs. Organizations can reduce the time it takes to create a detailed threat model to just a few minutes.”

According to the company founder and Chief Technical Architect of ThreatModeler™, Anurag “Archie” Agarwal, “Threat models built in ThreatModeler are as easy to work with as Visio diagrams. Developers coding for an AWS or Azure environment, for example, can download the appropriate threat model from our online library and quickly make adjustments they need with drag-and-drop ease. ThreatModeler will automatically produce a comprehensive list of potential threats and the mitigating security requirements.”

“Best of all,” continues Agarwal, “ThreatModeler seamlessly integrates with standard DevOps and CI/CD toolsets like Jenkins and JIRA. Developers and other production team members can work with the threat model’s actionable outputs as part of their existing workflow. We anticipate that the new downloadable threat model offering will help organizations further drive the integration of security into the CI/CD pipeline, especially as they migrate to the cloud.”

Meyer followed up, saying, “This new offering is just the first of many innovations that ThreatModeler has planned to roll out over the next two years. ThreatModeler has long been the industry leader in threat modeling and helping organizations shift security as far left as possible. Increasingly, ThreatModeler is recognized as the industry gold-standard against which others are evaluated.”

About ThreatModeler

Security Starts with ThreatModeler™ - the industry's #1 Automated Threat Modeling Platform. 

ThreatModeler™ is an innovative enterprise threat modeling platform that helps organizations fully integrate security into their SDLC and realize sustainable ROI on their security resources. The centralized threat framework automatically and seamlessly integrates security within existing agile and DevOps workflows. By identifying and mitigating potential security threats early in the SDLC – before implementing SAST and DAST, ThreatModeler™ simplifies efforts associated with developing secure applications. ThreatModeler™ then empowers enterprise IT organizations to map their unique security requirements and policies directly into their enterprise cyber ecosystem – providing real-time situational awareness about their current threat portfolio and risk conditions.

ThreatModeler was specifically identified by Gartner in their Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2017, for automating “security requirements definition, risk assessment, and threat modeling,” with SDLC integration, which “can dynamically highlight potential security ramifications of functional requirements.”

ThreatModeler was awarded 1st place Winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Award, 2017 and 2018, in the category of threat modeling product.

ThreatModeler Software was awarded winner of Cyber Defense Magazine’s InfoSec Award, 2018, for Most Innovative Company in the category of threat modeling.

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