Calgary based company promoting workplace safety campaign
in response to cannabis legalization.

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Cannabis Learning Series (CLS), a Calgary-based organization specializing in workplace safety education, are urging employers to focus on prevention and awareness in the midst of uncertainty from cannabis legalization.  The goal is to have safety leaders take the Fit For Duty Pledge through a newly minted microsite that promotes the ever increasing importance that workers be FIT FOR DUTY.  They are hoping employers use the microsite,, as a resource for education, and to integrate the Fit For Duty logo into their internal prevention and awareness programs to help reduce workplace incidents.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018, it is speculated that employers across Canada will be faced with an increase in impairment related issues in the workplace.  And so, the importance of proactive training, as well as prevention and awareness communications is critical to help minimize incidents and risk.  Many already have FIT FOR DUTY policies in place, and with the microsite, the folks at CLS are trying to provide additional support where they can, as well as enticement to others to incorporate similar programs where needed.

FIT FOR DUTY - Being mentally, physically, and emotionally able to safely perform necessary work tasks.  It is a requirement of all employees to be FIT FOR DUTY, particularly when performing safety sensitive tasks. 

“With the legalization of recreational cannabis getting closer, it’s shedding more light than ever on the issue of workplace impairment,” states CLS President, Jeff Bradshaw. He continues, “Cannabis consumption is obviously a major concern, but employers have to emphasize cannabis without forgetting about other forms of impairment, like fatigue, stress, and other drugs and alcohol.  A FIT FOR DUTY prevention and awareness campaign is a simple, proactive measure employers can, and should take.  It will impact workplace safety and can even minimize corporate risk.”

In the microsite there is a key content aimed at arming organizations with simple tools to promote campaigns of their own.  By taking the Fit For Duty Pledge companies have free access to use the Fit For Duty logo in their own safety messaging.   The site also contains infographics, videos, articles, and other support material designed to be easily used by companies across Canada.  Bradshaw adds that, “At the end of the day, safety of workers and the public is always paramount.  We want to encourage anyone in a safety leadership role to actively promote the need for all employees to be Fit For Duty at all times.”

About Cannabis Learning Series:
CLS Training Inc. is a learning and engagement company that specializes in timely cannabis and workplace safety education. The Cannabis Learning Series was launched in response to the growing workplace safety concerns regarding recreational marijuana legalization in Canada.  It provides the easy and cost-effective solutions for employers to promote workplace safety and limit their exposure to liability. CLS is made up of an experienced team of learning and engagement production professionals with offices in Calgary, AB and Saint John, NB.  Contact us at

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