TVO Original The Superfood Chain explores the truth behind some of the trendiest foods in the world starting Thanksgiving day

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Toronto, Sept. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Thanksgiving Monday, October 8 at 10 pm ET, TVO presents the World Premiere of TVO Original The Superfood Chain on TVO and This thought-provoking documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Ann Shin (The Defector) explores the stories behind some of the most hyped food served on tables across Canada and around the world. 


“People are passionate about food and they should be. You are what you eat,” says John Ferri, TVO Vice President of Current Affairs and Documentaries. “But, as this documentary so effectively shows, we don’t always understand the full implications of the food choices we make.”


Every year, the western world is introduced to new ‘superfoods’ that boast extraordinary nutritional benefits. The Superfood Chain explores the story behind the rise of superfoods like quinoa, teff, coconuts, and wild salmon, revealing the ripple effect the superfood industry has on the lives of farm families in Bolivia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and Haida Gwaii. The documentary examines serious issues related to the globalization of superfoods, including unintended effects on food security, health, sustainable farming, and fair trade food practices.


“I'm a sucker when it comes to food trends,” says director Ann Shin. “I try out the latest superfoods, always trying to eat ‘right.’ But I question if exotic superfoods are really that good for you, or are we better off buying locally? I wanted to connect the dots between what is marketed as a superfood, and the farmers and fishers affected by the industry.”


An accompanying website at invites users to explore the origins of superfoods and to delve deeper into lives of the people who produce them. It features short, interactive videos about the families profiled in the documentary, myths and facts about superfoods, nutritional information, and recipes.


The film will re-broadcast on TVO October 11 at 9 pm and October 14 at 10 pm.


The Superfood Chain is a Fathom Film Group production, presented by TVO.


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