Danal Announces the Launch of Seamless Phone Verification

Frictionless, Instant, and Secure Phone Verification without SMS

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Danal announces phoneverification.io, a dynamic new service that offers a frictionless, instant, and secure way for apps and services to perform phone number verification for their users without the hassles of SMS.

The solution overcomes the problems faced by traditional SMS methods such as fraud, bad user experience, delays, etc. Danal’s device and app agnostic verification process takes just a few seconds and is seamless for the end user. Users benefit from the best possible experience, while the apps/services maximize conversions during the sign-up process without sacrificing security. The experience can be seen in action from a mobile phone at https://demo.phoneverification.io/.

Businesses can use this service to perform phone number verification at signup, implement password-less login, prevent account takeover at profile change or conduct two-factor authentication prior to a high-value transaction.

“Businesses are turning to a mobile-first strategy with a focus on user experience. The Mobile phone number is the fulcrum in this strategy as it is the primary identifier for their customers,” said Abhishek Tiwari, VP Product & Marketing, Danal Inc. “We have all experienced the annoyance of typing in our phone number and waiting for a text that contains the authentication code. Until now, enterprises had no option but to use SMS based one-time passcode as two-factor authentication, which is prone to frauds like man-in-the-middle, social engineering, malwares, etc. and delivers a cumbersome experience to end users. Danal’s phone number verifications make this process seamless for both users and businesses while being completely protected against any frauds or unreliable delivery issues that of SMS based mechanisms experience.”

The service is live in North America and gradually rolling out to countries in Europe and Asia.

About Danal
Danal, Inc. is the premier global provider of mobile identity and authentication solutions driven by unique real-time connections to mobile operator networks and data. Danal’s patented technology solves for multiple use cases across various industry verticals such as financial institution, healthcare, marketplaces, e-commerce, hospitality, etc. The supported use cases range from solving for compliance (GDPR, KYC, AML, TCPA, etc.), Identity proofing (computer vision, video streaming, biometrics and machine learning) during registration, high-value transactions and access control plus user experience improvements (auto form-fill, instant enrollment, guest check-out, etc.) and fraud prevention (account takeover, SIM fraud, device spoofing, malware, etc.). Danal, Inc. is a privately held US company whose investors include Discover Financial Services, Morgenthaler Group, Orange Telecom, Bangkok Bank, Experian, Hansol Group, and Danal Co, Ltd.

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