Verkada Introduces the Next Generation of Video Surveillance Solutions

San Mateo-based technology company, Verkada, brings the best of both worlds -- hardware and software -- together to create the next generation of video surveillance solutions

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verkada, a company built on the mission of simplifying surveillance for modern enterprises, announced the addition of two new, plug-and-play cameras to its existing product line earlier this week: the D40 Mini Dome and the D80 Fisheye Camera. Similar to the existing camera line, these added form factors send motion-triggered video metadata to the cloud and store up to 120 days of retained footage in unit.

This “hybrid cloud” approach solves a series of deep-rooted problems in the video security space—spanning across infrastructure limitations, to hidden management overhead such as the cost of hardware maintenance over time. Three of the most prevalent obstacles faced by those who manage traditional surveillance systems include maintenance of cameras across a multitude of sites, the inability to locate footage quickly and efficiently and the security risks that open ports introduce. These issues are all elegantly dealt with by the Verkada solution, enabling massive efficiency gains for users.

As a leader in the hybrid cloud video surveillance market, Verkada remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry and hurdles over the challenges of archaic infrastructure. Verkada cameras include on board solid state storage, so footage from every location is streamlined into a software platform accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile. This simplified process of live video monitoring grants users the ability to leverage the cloud for remote-access functionality. The worry of security risks and potential hacks are also eliminated, as Verkada systems have no open ports and encrypt all data in transit using HTTPS/SSL.

“My team has a higher level of confidence in keeping our facilities safe because Verkada is easy to use. I have the confidence level in it because I know it’s secure.”

William Weber, Sesquehanna County Bank, Chief Information Officer

Verkada’s surveillance system is unique in that, along with the hardware component, software is also a core offering of the solution. By focusing on the evolving capabilities of software, the company has built an end-to-end solution that is designed to become more sophisticated over time. In addition to the user-friendly software interface, the cloud service license also enables Verkada to push automatic updates to firmware and software. This ensures that security updates and new feature rollouts are always at the fingertips of Verkada customers.

In less than a year, the software-driven system has been adopted by over 400 customers across all verticals—adding an average of 14 new customers per week. Those responsible for physical and cyber security across organizations in local government, education, hospitality and retail have chosen Verkada to protect people, secure facilities and assets, and gain analytics to improve the efficiency of their operations.

“The fact that Verkada has seen the growth it has in just over a year’ of operations is impressive, but not unexpected. The junction of trends in this market—IoT security, hardware, AI and the increased need for security in specific markets—makes this the right team, at the right time. We’re enthusiastic supporters of Verkada.”

Bill Trenchard, board member and partner at First Round Capital

To keep up with growing demand, the company has added 20 new hires in the past month alone, with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. With Verkada cameras already installed in every U.S. State and throughout Canada, plans of further expansion are on the horizon.

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