Cardiometabolic Health Congress (CMHC) Concludes 13th Annual Event in Boston

As the largest multidisciplinary conference focused solely on the diagnosis, management, and prevention of cardiometabolic disease, the 13th Annual CMHC recently concluded in Boston: offering three and a half days of advanced clinical education to hundreds of healthcare practitioners & professionals.

Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida, Oct. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As hundreds of participants gathered at the 13th Annual CMHC conference in Boston from October 24-27, an extensive agenda of cutting-edge keynote presenters and thought leaders, clinical educational sessions, and interactive lectures delivered the most recent clinical research in cardiometabolic health. The Chairpersons and Senior Planning Committee collectively worked to include sessions that addressed the most critical and acute issues in cardiometabolic care, with a keynote address that featured C. Ronald Kahn, MD: a world-renowned physician and scientist known for his work with insulin receptors and insulin resistance in diabetes and obesity. Supplemental Professional Medical Education workshops were available, with an Exhibit Hall that featured the latest therapeutic developments in cardiometabolic health, and a “Lifestyle Showcase” dedicated to wellness, nutrition, and specific strategies to optimize health.

This year’s event introduced an increasingly dynamic agenda, rooted in the most current research in cardiometabolic health, and focused on a series of new educational opportunities, CME lectures, and topics: delivered through interactive infographics, video animation, and other innovative formats, including iPad learning through the integration of Educational Measures Array™ technology. In addition to a popular pre-conference day titled “Women’s Health Summit: Cardiometabolic Health Across the Lifespan”—which featured new developments in cardio-oncology, coupled with an overview of the intersection between breast cancer and cardiovascular disease—a series of new CME symposia spotlighted the most current topics in the field. Topics included “The Role of CGM in Individualization of T2DM Management,” “Non-Medical Switching, Barriers, and Consequences,” “Management of T2DM Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease,” and a symposium that covered “Mastering the Prior Authorization Process to Meet Patient Needs.” Engineered to provide attendees with clinical education focused on recent advances and discoveries in the field, lectures were spearheaded by experts from institutions including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and a host of celebrated associations and organizations in cardiometabolic health.

Based on attendees’ requests, feedback, and specific topic interests, CMHC additionally collaborated with the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to develop small group workshops: based on the most clinically relevant topics in cardiometabolic health. These workshops represented a significant effort in enhancing the attendee experience, and covered the most recent innovations & developments in insulin biosimilars, digital health implementations to improve blood pressure and prevent type 2 diabetes, and the critical role of sleep in cardiometabolic health. With a faculty team committed to implementing the newest, most innovative research & technologies, the event was dedicated to providing hands-on clinical applications that could immediately be integrated into practice.

As cardiometabolic health becomes an increasingly critical facet of patient wellness—coupled with the need to address root symptoms of cardiometabolic disease—the 13th Annual event marked an exciting and unique opportunity for attendees to be at the forefront of the healthcare industry: highlighting impactful clinical research to help attendees’ practices and patients, spotlighting emerging approaches & tools, and emphasizing the latest published guidelines and recommendations. The event further offered a convenient and accessible forum for clinicians to network, engage, and internalize the latest developments in cardiometabolic health and care. As stated by Senior Planning Committee member Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA: "Our patients with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease need an integrated team-based approach for optimal prevention and treatment. CMHC is an ideal environment for collaborate learning and dialogue across diverse healthcare team members."


About the Cardiometabolic Health CongressThe Cardiometabolic Health Congress is more than an annual conference or meeting. CMHC provides a single point of access for busy practitioners to stay abreast of evolving science, clinical practice advances, and continuing education in cardiometabolic disease prevention and management. CMHC provides a complete & comprehensive platform of education, which spans live and digital communications that extend the energy and experience of our conferences throughout the year to an audience of frontline clinicians: all of whom have demonstrated a vested interest in cardiometabolic care.

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