Prophyts Launches Predictive Named Accounts Monitoring Portal

New Predictive ABM SaaS Platform Expands to Offer Predictive Named Accounts Monitoring

Irvine, CA, Nov. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 1105 Media Inc. today announced that Prophyts, its predictive ABM company, launched a new Predictive Named Accounts Monitoring portal giving marketing and sales teams an additional online tool in their ABM arsenal.

The Predictive Named Account Monitoring portal is comprised of two named accounts products: Prospect Intelligence and Customer Retention Alerts.

Prospect Intelligence monitors a client’s “named account” or prospect list and predicts which companies are in-market for a product or service in their category. The predictions are organized on a three-strength prediction intensity grid, allowing portal users to prioritize accounts based on prediction intensity, product category, company size and industry.     

Similarly, Customer Retention Alerts monitors a client’s customer list and predicts which of their customers are either looking for additional products or services in a category, or shopping for a new vendor signaling a potential retention risk. Customer Retention Alerts also uses a three-strength prediction intensity grid with the same prediction intensity, product category, company size and industry prioritization.    

Both products are powered by the Prophyts Prediction Engine, which tracks the reading habits of users from supplied named accounts and identifies which companies are in-market for a solution in a specific category, and when they entered the buyer’s journey, providing organizations with actionable intelligence around which to build sales and marketing efforts.

“Organizations are still struggling to a make sense of the ABM solutions out there. Prophyts Prospect Intelligence accelerates the ROI on sales and marketing efforts by providing a visual, AI-driven solution to focus on the right opportunities at the right time. At the same time, Prophyts Customer Retention Alerts maximizes customer life value, by identifying which of our client’s customers need the additional attention before it becomes an issue,” said Eric Choi, general manager of Prophyts.

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About Prophyts

Prophyts is a Predictive Account Based Marketing company offering Predictive ABM, Predictive Named Account services and Marketing Services. Prophyts is powered by a patent-pending machine-learning algorithm that sifts through billions of monthly page views and the reading activity of millions of potential B2B buyers. Based on this data, Prophyts predicts which companies are in-market, early in the buyer’s journey, enabling companies to optimize their marketing efforts and accelerate their revenues.

Prophyts is a subscription-based service and doesn’t need any intrusive access to proprietary systems or databases.

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