UPDATE - Ecobain Converts to Mother Labs Inc.: From Herbs to Cannabis

Saskatoon, CANADA

Ecobain Naturals, a vertical hydroponic farm, shifts from herb production to cannabis.

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Saskatchewan vertical farm, Ecobain Naturals, announced a transition from growing food product to cannabis cultivation. With the change, the company has rebranded to Mother Labs Inc. Servicing the cannabis industry throughout Canada, Mother Labs Inc. will grow and supply clean living plants for both local and national distributors looking for the highest quality cannabis cuttings and plants.

One of the most successful vertical farms in North America, Ecobain sells and roots living products despite geographical limitations and extreme seasonal variations. Their environmentally sustainable facility located in Saskatoon utilizes LED lighting and hydroponic growing to minimize their carbon footprint and expend less energy, allowing for large quantities of growth with a minimal environmental impact. This highly controlled facility includes environmental UV sterilization and HVAC systems for a cleaner product.

By applying the techniques that brought them success as food farmers, Mother Labs Inc. will use tissue culture micropropagation to harness exacting DNA through germplasm to clone their cannabis. Using biotechnology to raise healthier plants, the outcome is genetically specific, high quality, clean plants that are robust and reliable for every sector of the cannabis industry.

Shifting with a fluctuating culture, the transition to Mother Labs Inc. comes with the goal to affect an adapting economy positively. By taking the success Ecobain has in vertical gardening, Mother Labs Inc. will adopt the same standards for quality control from farm hands to distributor.

Roberta Bain, COO, “Our focus has and always will be sustainability, local products, and benefiting communities. Food security remains a priority which is an element of culture we wish to affect again in the future.”

Mother Labs Inc. is currently taking cannabis orders for 2019.


Canada’s premium cannabis nursery, Mother Labs Inc. grows clean cannabis in all stages for business and consumer. By using innovative techniques and the wonder of bioscience, Mother Labs Inc. merges farming expertise with scientific innovation for the growth of superior cannabis plants with genetically specific qualities and traits for ultimate connoisseurs. Mother Labs Inc. supports the cannabis industry with socially responsible, sustainable solutions for an ethical product and facility. Mother Labs Inc. is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

For Media Inquiries, contact Brian Bain at brian@motherlabs.ca
For Investor Inquiries, contact Roberta Bain at roberta@motherlabs.ca