Trilio Announces Support of Red Hat’s Virtual Central Office Solution, An NFV Platform for Telecommunications Companies

Trilio Enables Fast VNF Recovery by Natively Capturing Complete NFV Workloads

BOSTON, Nov. 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trilio, the leader in data protection and recovery solutions for OpenStack, is announcing its support and compatibility with Red Hat’s new virtual central office solution. Starting today, telecommunications companies can deploy, backup, and manage complete workloads within their VCO environment leveraging NFV infrastructure using Trilio’s OpenStack-native backup and recovery solution, TrilioVault.

The Red Hat virtual central office solution was developed as a way to help create services that can better support the delivery of residential, business, and mobile services for telecommunications companies. With this solution, Telcos now have a common platform to deploy services at the network edge.

“As mobile network operators move to embrace the role of a modern open telecommunications service provider, they are frequently looking to move services from the core network closer to their customers by virtualizing their edge network,” said Darrell Jordan-Smith, Vice President, Global Information and Communications Technology at Red Hat. “The Red Hat virtual central office solution is designed to provide both a path for service providers to follow and an open pluggable framework upon which to build their next generation services by leveraging our partner ecosystem's strengths and technologies.”

The vast majority of NFV deployments contain at least some legacy applications that have been ported over by IT administrators who don't have the luxury of rewriting their entire functional layer. Those workloads are at risk if they're not being backed up.

Protecting the NFV environment based on the Red Hat virtual central office solution enables users to recover from data damage or disaster significantly faster than by re-deploying an entire VNF from scratch. Only TrilioVault:

  • Captures point-in-time snapshots of VNFs, so users can restore complete environments including VM flavors and network topology/configurations
  • Supports deployment via Red Hat OpenStack Platform director, so administrators can deploy the two solutions together using a single tool
  • Leverages incremental forever snapshots that include changed block tracking
  • Is certified for Red Hat Ceph Storage
  • Covers both backup/recovery and disaster recovery scenarios

Trilio makes it easy for users to recover and restore VNFs from a well-known point-in-time backup. With multi-tenant support and seamless OpenStack integration, TrilioVault fits into existing NFV cloud workflows. TrilioVault's application-aware snaps capture entire workloads, including the VMs, flavors of the VMs, network settings, and all the volumes attached to those VMs. With DevOps tools plus historical fixes, patches, and tweaks per machine, you can bring your environment back to present day quickly and efficiently without the need for low-level scripting or manual refactoring.

“Telecommunications companies are using NFV to push their networks as far to the edge as possible,” says Tom Lahive, General Manager for Sales and Alliance Partners at Trilio. “With Red Hat virtual central office solution and Trilio, they can modernize their infrastructure with enterprise-grade management tools and data protection.”

Learn more about Trilio’s support for NFV environments:

TrilioVault’s agentless, software-only solution is native to Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization, providing self-service protection and recovery of complete workloads to the users of each platform. Architected for the cloud, TrilioVault can scale quickly with zero performance degradation. With TrilioVault, businesses have total control to back up their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable and requires little-to-no central IT administration.

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Trilio is a leader in data protection for OpenStack and RHV environments, and the only provider of OpenStack-native backup and recovery solutions. Since 2013, Trilio has been on a mission to give tenants more control over their ever-changing, growing, complex, and scalable cloud-based architectures. Today, Trilio is trusted by businesses all around the world to protect their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable, and requires little-to-no central IT administration. Follow us on Twitter @triliodata and LinkedIn or visit to learn more.

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