The Jewelry Exchange unveils new E-commerce showroom at Tustin headquarters

Tustin, California, UNITED STATES

TUSTIN, Calif., Nov. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marks the grand opening of The Jewelry Exchange’s new Internet inclusive showroom, designed to showcase the company’s website inventory in a traditional jewelry store setting.

“Its more than just displaying our internet inventory, the entire E-commerce team has been moved to the showroom floor” said Bill Doddridge, President and CEO of Goldenwest Diamond Corporation “Customers can now come into the store and see any item from the website with their own eyes before making a purchase. They can also purchase online and opt to pick up in store”.

The Jewelry Exchange has a long history of making the entire Jewelry production process visible to the public. Glass windows line the entire showroom floor, behind which customers can view every step of the jewelry manufacturing process. “Moving the E-commerce team into public view is a natural evolution of our brand identity” says Bill.

The new section was built into the east end of their massive 6700 square foot showroom, already one of the largest in the nation, and will house an estimated 38,000 pieces of jewelry. “Our Jewelry selection is one of the largest in the country” Bill says. “Since we manufacture most of our inventory we’re able to build jewelry in all qualities across every price range”. Taking a look around the showroom floor, we found that he wasn’t exaggerating. A salesperson showed us to a section that had gold and diamond engagement rings for under $300, and just a few steps away were hundreds of high end luxury pieces that could be at home in a museum.

The Jewelry Exchange has a factory direct approach to their whole operation. We were astonished to learn they do nearly everything in-house, from producing their own jewelry, to writing their own software, and filming their own commercials. Bill even personally flies the company aircraft when inspecting one of their 15 stores nationwide.

George Risberg
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