WealthIntel, Inc. Adds Two New Directors, while escalating its Talent recruitment efforts for WIT’s Technology Codex

Las Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WealthIntel Inc. ("WealthIntel”) today divulges the Company’s new directors.  The Board of Directors is chaired by Fabrizio Boccardi the businessman entrepreneur, and inventor of W$T, the Intelligent System also known as WIT.

The two new members of the board are: 

  • George Bristol, Former Chief Financial Officer of Vantis Capital and acting Chief Financial Officer of WealthIntel. Mr. Bristol is an experienced investment banker who executed corporate financing transactions for Paine Webber, Prudential Securities, and Ernst & Young LLP, among other employment. He was the Chief Financial Officer of Vantis Capital, LLC, the Manager of a $1.4 Billion global macro hedge fund. He has degrees from the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School.
  • Mario Di Leonardo sophisticated investor. Mr. Di Leonardo serves on the Board of Directors on behalf of Legion Capital America LLC a venture capital firm invested in WealthIntel. Legion Capital America is controlled by Fabrizio Boccardi who is Chairman of the Board and also serves as CEO of WealthIntel

WealthIntel also discloses that Mark Bergner has been engaged to serve as Program Manager of W$T,  the Company’s proprietary pioneering Intelligent System/Method of Payment Finance and Social Commerce, in development and classified.

Bergner is an experienced professional in fintech having worked in similar capacities for companies such as American Express, World Pay and others, bringing knowledge and useful skills to the venture.

In this new role, Bergner will advise directly the CEO of the Company in all technology matters, playing an important role during the development execution of the WIT’s System. Bergner in his Program Manager position works closely and collaboratively with all the numerous engineers and diverse technology experts, advisory groups, and governing board, supervising all aspects of integration of the various types of technologies proprietarily crafted, refined, and implemented in the System.

WealthIntel Inc. is a USA technology company that designs and develops software and proprietary new intelligent systems, methods, and applications.