T-Mobile Poland in Cooperation With Mojio Brings First-of-its-Kind Connected Car Service to Millions of Polish Subscribers

T-Mobile Polska Deploys Mojio’s Telco-Grade Solutions to Offer Subscribers Affordable Access to Connected Car Services for a Smarter, Safer, More Convenient Car Ownership Experience

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CAMPBELL, CALIF. & WARSAW, POLAND, Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Mojio – the leading technology platform and SaaS provider for connected cars – announced that it has partnered with T-Mobile Polska, to power Smart Car, the brand’s comprehensive connected car service.

As part of the agreement, Mojio will deliver a suite of telco-grade connected car solutions – including the company’s leading cloud platform service and mobile apps for iOS and Android – to T-Mobile Polska. The operator will offer its nearly 11 million subscribers an affordable upgrade, regardless of their car’s make or model, through the combination of the Smart Car OBD-II device and the T-Mobile Tracker app for iOS and Android devices.

This is Mojio’s fourth deployment within the Deutsche Telekom family in Europe, with T-Mobile Polska joining Telekom Deutschland, T-Mobile Austria and T-Mobile Czech Republic. On a global scale, Mojio has now deployed nine operator-branded IoT services, representing more than 800,000 connected cars in six countries across North America and Europe.

“Like Mojio, T-Mobile Poland is an avid supporter of innovation and understands that enabling the next generation of connected experiences not only means delivering great technology, but also leveraging strong partnerships to accelerate time to market,” said Kenny Hawk, CEO at Mojio. “We’re honored to be expanding our relationship with Deutsche Telekom and look forward to supporting this first-of-its-kind connected car service to drivers in Poland.”

As the go-to connected car platform for mobile network operators, Mojio’s experienced team has developed scalable solutions that unlock immediate subscription revenue, facilitate valuable net-adds to the network and help reduce customer churn. As part of its value-added offerings, Mojio partners with operators to define, design and deploy go-to-market strategies that enhance all aspects of the customer journey, while also delivering specialized services across product management, marketing, merchandising, sales training and customer care.

Smart Car is available as of today at all T-Mobile retail locations across Poland. More information can be found at http://www.t-mobile.pl/pl/oferta_specjalna/smart-car.

For more information on Mojio, the leading platform for connected cars, please visit www.moj.io and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Mojio

Scalable, secure and hardware-agnostic, Mojio is the cloud platform and SaaS provider of choice for automakers and mobile network operators looking to build profitable connected car services. Mojio’s platform solutions and mobile apps deliver a smarter, safer and more convenient car ownership experience for the global driving community. With real-world data gathered from more than 7 billion miles of driving, Mojio provides a big data analytics framework that uses machine learning to generate actionable insights, unlocking the next generation of revenue streams for companies throughout the automotive value chain.

Founded in 2012, Mojio is growing in Silicon Valley and Vancouver, and serves some of the world’s biggest brands as customers, investors and partners, including Amazon, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, SAP and T-Mobile. Mojio is a career-accelerator for driven tech professionals looking to shape the future of mobility. To learn more about Mojio visit https://www.moj.io/.

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About T-Mobile Polska

T‑Mobile Polska is one of the largest mobile operators in Poland, serving nearly 11 million customers. It provides a full range of telecommunications services for private and business customers. Thanks to its integration with GTS Poland in 2015 and T‑Systems Polska in 2017, T‑Mobile Polska became an integrated operator. In addition to mobile services, its portfolio includes landline services and a complete range of ICT products. T‑Mobile customers are also able to benefit from the full range of financial services offered by T‑Mobile Usługi Bankowe [T‑Mobile Banking Services], the most advanced and innovative example of synergy between banking and telecommunications.

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Smart Car - powered by Mojio - offers T-Mobile Poland subscribers an affordable connected car upgrade for a smarter, safer, more convenient car ownership experience.