Celebrating 25 Years of a Text Analysis Software

25 years ago, founders of Megaputer Intelligence released the first version of their data and text analysis software, PolyAnalyst™. Now, plans are in motion for a big year of new developments.

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Dec. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the coming new year, Megaputer Intelligence celebrates the 25th anniversary of PolyAnalyst™, its state-of-the-art software tool for advanced analytics. As Megaputer readies to fulfill its new year’s resolutions, including the release of PolyAnalyst Grid™ and PolyAnalyst 7.0, CEO Sergei Ananyan discussed the company’s outlook, saying, “We are excited for the upcoming developments at Megaputer that will showcase our commitment to revolutionizing how companies can gain immeasurable value from text data.”

During the silver year of PolyAnalyst, the company plans to deliver an enhanced user experience through a re-designed interface, faster big data processing, and a release of its own, fully integrated, optical character recognition (OCR) software for extracting text from image-based files. When Brian Howard, Sales & Marketing Manager at Megaputer, was asked what these product achievements meant to him, he answered, “We’ve accomplished a lot over the years, having built a reputation for excellence as leading innovators in deep linguistic analysis for natural language processing. I often stress in my conversations with new potential clients just how long our company has been perfecting our capabilities for text analysis.” Brian went on to describe how the vendor landscape for text analysis tools didn’t really start to take shape until the mid-nineties. “In my view, being a seasoned player in text analytics is one of the big reasons why Megaputer has its competitive edge today, especially since text analysis is still a relatively new technology.”

Megaputer’s humble beginnings have played a major role in shaping the evolution of PolyAnalyst and the company as a whole. The PolyAnalyst story first began with a close-knit group of artificial intelligence researchers who wanted to commercialize new ground-breaking machine learning techniques that promised to revolutionize text analytics. They started out developing small, separate algorithms designed for specific analytical tasks that were later grouped together in one package that formed the very first version of PolyAnalyst in 1994. The company, Megaputer Intelligence, was later founded in 1997 and established its US headquarters in Indiana, where it continues its work to highlight the hidden insights only found in text.

For more information about PolyAnalyst, visit: https://www.megaputer.com/polyanalyst/

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