LOS ANGELES, Jan. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. V. Reggie Edgerton, the leading researcher into the neural control of movement and neuromuscular plasticity, today announced the launch of SpineX, a company implementing spinal neuromodulation to treat a range of medical conditions from incontinence and sexual dysfunction to gait disorders and paralysis. 

Proxenia Venture Partners has provided seed funding to SpineX and Proxenia’s chairman and CEO Dr. Menghis Bairu is serving as co-founder and interim CEO of SpineX.

Over the past 50 years Dr. Edgerton, a distinguished professor of neurobiology at the University of California, Los Angeles, has studied the role of the spinal cord in various disease and injury states including stroke, spinal cord injury, and Parkinson’s disease.

“I hypothesized more than 40 years ago that complex movements like stepping can be controlled by the spinal cord and that these networks are smart, such that they can perceive and respond to stimuli, and can be trained to restore function,” said Edgerton, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of SpineX.

Dr. Edgerton believes that by using an array of electrical stimulation patterns to activate the spinal cord, people who suffer functional deficits resulting from a range of pathological conditions can improve their function and quality of life significantly. SpineX has been created to develop neuromodulation devices based on Dr. Edgerton and his team’s research and to commercialize this technology for the benefit of patients worldwide. 

Dr. Edgerton, who is considered the “father of modern spinal neuromodulation,” continues to compile scientific evidence in humans that patients who have been paralyzed for years can improve a variety of motor functions, including hand and leg movement, trunk stability, cardiovascular stability, and bladder and bowel function, within days of receiving neuromodulatory therapy. Dr. Edgerton has shown patients continue to improve as they train, although he acknowledges the technology is at an early-stage and requires further development. 

Dr. Parag Gad, who has been a long-term collaborator with Dr. Edgerton, is a co-founder of SpineX, and has joined the SpineX team as the company’s Chief Technical Officer. SpineX is developing non-invasive, smart medical devices for clinical and home use.

About SpineX
SpineX is a Los Angeles-based medical device company developing non-invasive neuromodulation devices to improve the quality of lives for patients to address a broad range of medical conditions through the neuromodulation of the spinal cord. More information can be found at www.spinexmed.com

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