Green Builder Media Announces "Hue Smart Lighting: Solve Anguished Paint Decisions!" Giveaway

New technology allows you to select from 16 million light colors, to fine tune your wall paint to suit your mood and the room’s use. Why be boring?

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., Jan. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Builder Media is pleased to announce a fun, practical giveaway program. Enter our Hue Smart Lighting System from Philips and learn how the pros pick the best paints and techniques, and then take it to the next level with new technology that allows you to select from 16 million light colors to fine tune your wall paint to suit your mood.

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Paint selection is important stuff: Marriages have ended because of it. Tears have been shed. Doors slammed. Choosing the “perfect” paint color for each room in a home is an extremely personal decision. It’s no surprise that so many new homes end up with the universal beige or off-white walls in an attempt to stay “neutral,” both visually and psychologically.

Colors do have a profound effect on the human psyche. Research reported by Inc., for example, notes a broad gap between the genders on their preferred colors. “When it comes to different colors, most men were found to seek out products that contain bold colors and shades (colors with black added to them). Women, on the other hand, primarily sought out products containing softer hues and softer colors with a tint (white added to the original color).”

Interior designers tend to take more risk these days, however, introducing stronger colors such as lavender, or Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue. But this color blue, to use just one example, might be too “soft” to appeal to most men. They may retreat to their dark red “man cave” and avoid the bedroom until the lights go out.

Smart lighting, such as the Hue system from Phillips, however, can bridge this visual gap in an instant. By changing the colors and "warmth" of lighting in a room, Hue allows paint colors to transform into many different shades and tones, each of which has a different psychological impact.

Ever wondered how pro paint contractors get such a crisp, even finish that’s eye popping in any color? When you enter this giveaway, you will receive a complimentary Ebook that allows you to follow along as three successful painting contractors share their expert best practices and tips for delivering the perfect paint job every time.

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Instant Mood Makeover? While results might not be as dramatic as this simulation, the right combination of lighting and paint color offers dramatic potential for responsive wall and ceiling color shifts. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue is shown at top. 
Hue Smart Lighting system