Claritas Purchases AcquireWeb, Expanding Capability to Provide Closed Loop Marketing Solutions

Acquisition Will Help Transform How Companies Find Their Best Customers

Columbus, Ohio, UNITED STATES

CINCINNATI, Jan. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Claritas, LLC®, a leading data company that helps brands identify and target their best customers, has purchased AcquireWeb, Inc.®, a leading digital marketing firm. AcquireWeb deterministically connects marketers with consumers and businesses by leveraging one of the industry’s most comprehensive identity graph solutions.

With AcquireWeb and Barometric, Inc., which the company acquired late last year, Claritas has assembled one of the industry’s most robust identity graphs encompassing a proprietary data set of 95 million households and reaching more than 900 million devices daily in the U.S.  The Claritas graph uses a combination of digital signatures including mobile ID, IP address, cookies, emails and other digital signals to identify and reach the largest audience in the market, all using a privacy-by-design approach. 

“This acquisition transforms our ability to deliver on the promise of helping companies find their best customers with greater scale and precision,” said Claritas CEO Mike Nazzaro. “The AcquireWeb capabilities for audience creation and campaign execution, coupled with existing capabilities of Claritas gives clients a comprehensive ability to plan, reach and measure their prospecting, retention and loyalty marketing initiatives. Leveraging the identity graph ensures our clients can deliver the right message to the right person, via the right marketing channel at the right time.” 

These recent acquisitions have enabled Claritas to complete the development of a three-step, closed-loop approach that helps marketers: 

  • Identify their best audiences in a privacy compliant manner, using Claritas’ enhanced offline and online data assets, which is where Claritas began
  • Deliver those audiences to a client’s chosen channel, execute campaigns to these known and unknown audiences using AcquireWeb’ s online and offline connections for more effective campaign execution
  • Optimize campaigns through remarkably precise measurement in near-real-time, which is at the heart of Barometric’ s capability.

AcquireWeb was founded in 2002. The firm’s solutions are powered by proprietary technology that puts brands in front of the right consumers when and where they’ve chosen to engage — online and offline — at the most meaningful moment in the buying journey. Its services have successfully helped companies create more value from existing customer relationships, lower online acquisition costs, capture new cross-sell opportunities, and improve their return on marketing investments. 

 “On average, approximately 95 percent of a website’s traffic is anonymous. This presents enormous potential to find and engage consumers who have expressed interest in a brand’s products and services. At AcquireWeb, we’ve honed our identity graph technology to help marketers turn website and in store visitors into the knowable consumers who often become ideal customers,” said AcquireWeb CEO Albert Gadbut. “Through this acquisition, we can now leverage Claritas’ segmentation insights and optimization capabilities to reach and engage audiences at an unmatched level of scale.” 

Claritas and AcquireWeb work with some of the nation’s largest consumer brands, including AT&T, Chrysler, Home Depot, Kroger, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Nutrisystem, Progressive Insurance, Samsung, Sprint, Verizon and Zions Bank. With the acquisition of AcquireWeb, Claritas employs more than 300 data scientists, strategists, marketing analysts, and world-class client service professionals. 

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About AcquireWeb
As the Anonymous CRM company™, AcquireWeb resolves and deterministically connects marketers with more able and intent-based consumers and businesses than any tech company in the industry. AcquireWeb specializes in identifying Anonymous CRM customers, enabling marketers to activate messaging to this audience across email, social and display. AcquireWeb database intelligence and management services have successfully helped companies leverage existing customer relationships, lower online acquisition costs, create new cross-sell opportunities and improve their return on marketing investments. Headquartered in Foster City, California, AcquireWeb also has operating offices in New York, Omaha, Nebraska, Mason, Michigan, and Newtown, Connecticut. More information about AcquireWeb can be found at

About Claritas
Founded in 1971, Claritas helps companies find customers to sell smarter and win bigger. Its unique methodology, which combines sought after data resources with direct, original consumer research, is proven to help marketers find their best customers faster. Claritas is the only business that provides context — leading to insights that inspire growth. Claritas products and services help paint a 360-degree picture of customers or prospects using unique behavior-based segments. Through Claritas’ core product, PRIZM® Premier Segmentation, clients can better understand where their consumers live, work, play and shop for more effective and efficient marketing across all channels. 

Claritas is a company focused on growth, and since 2017 has expanded its capabilities through a mix of industry partnerships and acquisitions, including the purchases of Miami-based Geoscape and New York-based Barometric. More information can be found by visiting or