Vtoken, a Division of Vstock Transfer, Partners with Horizon Globex to Offer a Leading Transfer Agent Custody Solution for Issuer Security Token Offerings (STOs)

NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire -- Vstock Transfer, a leading transfer agent and registrar firm that services private issuers, IPOs, registration exempt and Regulation A transactions, has expanded its suite of custody solutions for Vtoken's issuer clients looking to conduct either a registered or exempt Security Token Offering (STO). 

Vstock is pleased to announce that it has signed a deal to license the CustodyWare custody software from Horizon Globex. As a result, Vtoken will now enable its clients to meet the requirements under the SEC regulations that mandate that a transfer agent be engaged by securities token issuers conducting Form S-1 registrations or Tier II offerings under the Regulation A+.

"We have been keeping a pulse on the technology of the STO market for well over a year and believe that the founders of Horizon Globex bring a unique hybrid of experience to the equation. Their industry-leading technology combines perfectly the team’s practical securities, broker-dealer and underwriter experience," commented Yoel Goldfeder, CEO of Vstock Transfer.

Seth Farbman, Co-Chairman of Vstock Transfer, added, "Vstock Transfer has successfully worked with Horizon Globex’s president, Mark Elenowitz, on traditional IPO transactions that listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE, so this is a very natural next step for us to work with his team on registered and exempt STOs. Additionally, we appreciate the added comfort level that Brian Collins brings with his technology background and valuable experience of running publicly traded companies."

"Working with Vstock Transfer and CustodyWare made perfect sense for us since we are well aware of their depth of knowledge and experience within the securities and compliance arenas," said Brian Collins, CEO of Horizon Globex.

CustodyWare uses the integrated KYC/AML product from Horizon Globex to allow transfer agents to securely maintain the identity of token holders. The digital signature of a holder’s identity is stored by CustodyWare on the Ethereum blockchain while the actual identity documentation is securely stored by the transfer agent on an air-gapped hard drive pursuant to SEC Regulation S-P.

For more information, please feel free to visit http://vstocktransfer.com or https://vtokentransfer.io. You can also email info@vstocktransfer.com.

About Vstock Transfer

Vtoken is the security token division of New York-based stock transfer and registrar firm Vstock Transfer, which services clients ranging from private companies to pre-IPO issuers to NYSE American, NASDAQ and OTC listed companies. VStock Transfer was founded by experienced securities lawyers to provide cost savings, DTC Eligibility, DWAC services, dedicated account managers, FREE 24–7 Issuer access online to shareholder reports, and outstanding customer service.

About Horizon Globex US, LLC (“Globex”)

Globex is a blockchain software business specialized in the Regulation D and Regulation S compliant tokenization of assets. Globex offers a complete securities primary issuance solution using Tokenetics.com, investor KYC/AML using KYCware.com, U.S. transfer agent custody using CustodyWare.com and compliant secondary trading on ERC-20 blockchain exchanges. For more information, visit https://horizon-globex.com/.

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