NetSPI Launches New Vulnerability Management and Orchestration Platform

NetSPI announces the launch of NetSPI Resolve™, an end-to-end solution for Vulnerability Management and Orchestration

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, Jan. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetSPI LLC, the leader in orchestrated vulnerability management and security testing, has announced the launch of NetSPI Resolve, an end-to-end solution for vulnerability management and orchestration. 

Companies face a growing number of vulnerabilities, leaving them at risk for data breaches that are expensive and damaging to their reputation. Resolve enables the orchestration of cybersecurity efforts across an entire organization, so businesses can shorten the vulnerability management lifecycle and improve their security posture.

“Businesses are flooded by vulnerability data from scanners and pentesters, but all that information doesn't add up to a coherent picture . Data piles up from multiple security testing sources, and there is no consistent way to track or prioritize vulnerabilities. It’s a manual and time-consuming process to try to make sense of your risk exposure, let alone track and report on it,” said Deke George, NetSPI CEO. “Resolve essentially brings order to this chaos. Not only does it help customers fix vulnerabilities faster— but it also gives them the insight they need to triage and prioritize remediation efforts, so they can focus their resources on the most critical issues and continuously reduce their risk.”

The number of disclosed vulnerabilities has increased each year. In an attempt to find them all, many organizations use multiple scanners along with in-house or third-party manual penetration testing, generating a large amount of overlapping data. Resolve automatically correlates this disparate data into a single system of record, allowing organizations to coordinate security teams’ efforts, track remediation progress, and report on vulnerabilities across teams and departments. The result is improved visibility of vulnerabilities, faster time to remediation, and reduced exposure to risk.

“There aren’t enough cybersecurity professionals – the unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals is about zero,” George said. “The only way organizations can close critical security gaps is by automating and orchestrating security tasks to reduce manual overhead, so they can get more done without more employees or longer hours.  We’re excited to offer customers a solution to some of their biggest cybersecurity challenges.”

NetSPI , which also offers pentesting and vulnerability management services, initially developed the platform to support execution and delivery of services to its customers. The platform was designed to ingest and correlate vulnerabilities from disparate sources, standardize the vulnerability knowledgebase and remediation recommendations, ensure consistency in pentest execution and resulting outcomes, and track and report progress with actionable information to prioritize resources.  NetSPI Resolve offers the same capabilities to customer’s internal security teams, as a cloud-based solution that can scale to handle tens of millions of vulnerabilities.

NetSPI Resolve will be showcased at a series of happy hour and networking events during the last two weeks of March in Minneapolis, New York City, Atlanta, Seattle, Dallas and Toronto. To register or learn more, visit

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