Verano Partners With D9 to Expand High-Capacity cGMP Cannabis Extraction Technology

Partnership Receives Investment from Greenfield Global CEO

  • Verano establishes controlling interest in D9 Manufacturing
  • D9 provides large scale, cGMP pharmaceutical/food manufacturing-approach for cannabis extraction systems
  • Full pesticide removal at molecular level
  • Phytocannabinoid separation
  • Turnkey 400 lb./hr. extraction system capacity

CHICAGO, IL and COACHELLA, CA , Feb. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Verano Holdings, (Verano™), a national, vertically integrated private operator of licensed cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail facilities dedicated to improving lives, today announced it has created an exclusive and controlling partnership with D9 Manufacturing, including a strategic multi-million dollar private investment by Howard Field, President and CEO of Greenfield Global.

 D9 is a licensed developer of integrated high capacity, commercial grade cannabis extraction systems for legal cannabis processors. Greenfield Global is a leading producer of high-purity alcohols, solvents and biochemicals.  Greenfield’s extensive portfolio includes premium products, regulatory expertise and industry-leading services.

The D9  transaction is a cash and stock deal valued at more than $20 million.  Verano expects to use D9’s extraction systems across the country to increase extraction capacity, with the ability to produce over 3000 kilograms monthly per facility.  The system also includes formulating special and unique botanical infused super oils for medicinal purposes that are third-party tested, and certified pesticide-free. 

“This partnership exemplifies our shared vision of creating a brighter way for cannabis extraction and production of the highest quality products,” stated Ron Goodson, Verano’s President and COO.  “The D9 technology will be a transformative addition to Verano by facilitating entry to the California market, producing multiple new revenue streams, expanding brand categories for both CBD and THC products and creating jobs.  In an industry where there is a shortage of current FDA and Goods Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) extractors, we plan to license D9 systems to a network of cannabis producer partners to provide white-label production for branded cannabis-infused products. Extraction capacity is critically important, especially in infused products, which is the fastest growing segment of the cannabis market. This partnership of combined talents, resources and technology allows for dramatic scaling.”

D9 was the first to develop an integrated, turnkey self-contained, ethanol full-loop cannabis extraction system in California, designed for easy deployment and setup for legal cannabis facilities.  Taking a pharmaceutical/food manufacturing approach for operating excellence, D9 instills best Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across all levels of current FDA and cGMP in manufacturing operations and safety.  D9’s new proprietary system is designed to process 400 pounds of cannabis flower or trim per hour, including full pesticide removal at the molecular level. The system and its technology are designed to meet or exceed today’s pharmaceutical standards.  D9’s manufacturing operations will be housed in a newly constructed facility in Coachella Valley, California.  

“Verano has a reputation for producing superior, ultra-pure cannabis products at its indoor grow facilities,” stated Ferrel Raskin, D9 CEO.  “We’re excited to join forces with this dynamic team and expand D9’s technology enabling Verano to expand into outdoor grow environments where pesticides are pervasive in the soil and air, yet still maintain the highest levels of quality and purity in extracts from all usable plant parts at extremely high production levels.  Verano opens the door for us to expand immediately into numerous additional markets, while our systems offer the ability to anticipate and preemptively adapt to regulatory changes with no down time. As federal oversight continues to enter the cannabis industry, manufacturing processes will come under more intense scrutiny, increasing the necessity and value of D9’s processes, services and the brain trust of this partnership.”

Unique to D9, the newly designed, high-sensitivity system can be programmed to isolate individual phytocannabinoids, enabling the automated preparation of custom cannabinoid ratios for specific products.  This can allow the branding of oils with unique name and numbering conventions to illustrate purity and trusted performance. These and other custom formulations open the doors to numerous business industry verticals, including: alcohol & spirits; pharmaceutical medicine, new and expanding biotech research of the endocannabinoid system, cosmetics and foods.

“Greenfield Global is a company built on innovation. This opportunity opens the door to developing new products and entering new industries, helping us meet the diverse and demanding requirements of our customers today and tomorrow,” stated Howard Field, President and CEO of Greenfield Global.  “We work with partners to develop custom solutions while meeting the highest regulatory standards.  The cannabis and hemp market opportunities show immense potential. This partnership puts us on the ground floor with companies like Verano and D9 to ensure we learn, contribute and are well  positioned for the future.”

Verano intends to deploy D9’s cannabis extraction systems to increase extraction capacity and throughput across the four production facilities it operates in Illinois, Nevada, Florida, Maryland in addition to facilities currently under development in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and other areas.

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