SANTA CRUZ, CALIF. & HALIFAX, NS, March 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- b4checkin offers innovative products for hotels that allow hoteliers to quickly collect payments and deposits, confirm reservations and extra services, and increase guest satisfaction. With the SignNow add-on for b4easypost, hotel managers can send reservation and cancellation forms, bills, and booking contracts to guests from the convenience and security of the b4easypost payment and posting service. Moreover, once a contract has been signed, planners receive an instant notification for further processing and collecting additional deposits in less time.

“SignNow’s partnership with b4easypost’s top-of-the line payment technology is a great opportunity for hotels to speed up card-not-present payments and deposits.” – says Ken Grohe, President at SignNow. “Managers can create a branded reservation form or booking contract and send it for signing from b4easypost to multiple guests at once using the SignNow add-on. They get to enjoy full control over their contracts and can assign roles to each signer as well as a signing order for instant contract submission.”

Travellers are demanding more responsive services from hotels. The SignNow add-on for b4easypost allows hotel managers to simplify the payment process for their clients and guests. Now they can add their signatures while on the go, using any smartphone or tablet.

“Our partnership with SignNow has been an integral step toward making b4easypost the most well-rounded card-not-present solution on the market. Supplementing b4easypost with SignNow offers our customers increased capabilities such as document management for contracts and BEO’s, secure storage of card-on-file, and e-signatures” said Saar Fabrikant, President & CEO of b4checkin. “This partnership allows our clients to manage b4easypost with SignNow functionality, giving them the ability to facilitate contracts, send requests for payments, and view robust reporting all in one place. Card-not-present transactions have never been easier or safer for our customers.”

The SignNow add-on for the b4easypost platform boosts the efficiency of third-party payments, eliminates both errors and delays associated with card-not-present transactions, and builds trust with guests and clients.

About SignNow

SignNow is a powerful and easy-to-use e-signature solution that allows customers to set up complex e-signature workflows and get documents approved faster. For its almost 6 million daily users, SignNow offers a desktop version of their software along with apps for both iOS and Android. SignNow also integrates with a number of different platforms including Salesforce, ServiceNow, NetSuite, SharePoint, Oracle, Google Suite and others.

All SignNow features and integrations are developed through personalized customer communication for maintaining the balance between flexible functionality on one side and rock-solid security and compliance on the other.

About b4checkin
b4checkin develops and provides an innovative suite of cloud-based software solutions for the hospitality industry. Designed to help hotels better manage online reservations and payments or deposits, core products include: chameleon, the industry’s first online booking engine with multiple design options; b4easypost, a fully automated payment and posting solution; and b4ubet, an application that allows hotel casino players to book their hotel offers online. b4checkin is headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, with installations serving customers in North America, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit


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