The starting point for developing SignNow’s integration for Slack has always been one-click access to all documents collaborated on by team members for final approval.

“E-signatures have been one of the very few things missing in Slack, and we are very happy to fill this gap in the business process for all Slack users”, says Ken Grohe, President at SignNow. “Now you can easily send documents for e-signing and receive them back directly in no time, without ever leaving Slack.”

With the SignNow integration for Slack, a user can create customizable invites for multiple recipients, check the status of their e-signature requests for every document sent, collect approved documents, and access already e-signed documents - all from a single Slack channel.

“This optimized solution is especially helpful for those companies that have multiple teams in Slack. If you need, say, three signatures on the same page, you can easily manage it inside your team channel - assign signer roles, type in emails, and then just wait for a standard Slack notification for each added signature. You don’t even need email anymore!”, adds Grohe.

Despite all the apparent ease of use, SignNow’s e-signature integration for Slack also guarantees complete security for all pending and e-signed documents. Every document is securely stored on the Amazon-based private cloud, giving Slack users the freedom to access and download their Document History, which contains a detailed audit trail, including the time and location of access, user email credentials, and actions taken within a document.

About SignNow:

Having 5.7 million daily users and 45,000 business customers, SignNow offers a complex but easy-to-use e-signature solution along with mobile apps for iOS and Android. SignNow also provides a wide range of integrated solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their list of integrations includes those for Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, G Suite, Dropbox and more.

About Slack:

Slack is an online collaboration hub used by millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. Slack is building a unique ecosystem for business within which all conversations and file sharing can be architectured per specific teams, clients, or business cases. As of today, Slack has API-based solutions with over 1500 different apps, including Trello, Zoom, GitHub, Box, and Quip.


Pavel Bogachevskyi