Hunt & Seek for Art in Port Angeles

Discover a vivid collection of hand-painted outdoor art murals that tell a small town’s story

Port Angeles, Washington, UNITED STATES

Port Angeles, Washington, April 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Follow the new art mural trail located in Port Angeles on Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula. Discover 12 hand-painted outdoor murals crafted by renowned artists throughout the historic downtown area. 

As one of the “331 Things to Do in Port Angeles” itineraries (#69), visitors can take a self-guided mural art tour on foot or by bike to 12 murals scattered throughout the downtown area that tell a rich story of Port Angeles’ maritime and Native American heritage. Art hungry visitors can extend their outdoor art trek to the Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. This is an easy all-ages activity that can be done within a few hours while waiting to catch the Coho Ferry to Victoria, B.C. Canada or in between shopping and dining in downtown.

Twelve Art Murals
More information on the artists and mural locations can be found at

  1. Sluicing the Hogback Mural
  2. MV Kalakala Mural
  3. Ennis Creek Mural
  4. Olympic Visions Mural
  5. Pacific Fleet Mural
  6. Family Shoe Store Red Goose Shoes Mural
  7. Welcome to Port Angeles Mural
  8. Port Angeles & Pacific Railroad Mural
  9.  Logging Mural
  10.  Pedestrian Passage Way Mural
  11.  The Peaceful Valley Mural
  12.  Strong People Mural

Four of the colorful murals — Sluicing the Hogback, MV Kalakala, Ennis Creek and Olympic Visions — were funded by donations and grants acquired by the Nor’wester Rotary Club of Port Angeles, a 501(c)(3) service club composed of local professionals and business leaders who work to improve the Port Angeles community.

“These monumental mural paintings give artistry, vibrancy and vitality to the city’s downtown core… visitors engage with them from around the world – and we see photos on social media to prove it” says John Brewer, past president of the Port Angeles Business Association and active Nor’wester Rotary Club member. “Our art murals are some of the most photographed pieces of artwork in Port Angeles. They entice people passing through to stop and see what our town has to offer. The murals spotlight our community’s unique history, civic and maritime heritage and values, commitment to hard work, its citizenry and natural beauty.”

Watch An Artist in Action
This summer, the Sluicing the Hogback mural – created by two local artists Hank Krueger and Tim Quinn who are now both deceased – will be repainted by artist Cory Ench after more than two decades of wear and tear from salt air and vehicle exhaust exposure. You can try and catch this accomplished artist in action as he restores it to its original vivid condition between the months of June through August. Ench was chosen because of his artistic merit and his ability to maintain the original artists’ style and colors. Ench is an internationally renowned artist who has created original posters for festivals like Burning Man and murals for the National Park Service. He is also the creator of the Ennis Creek and MV Kalakala murals in Port Angeles.

Portions of the restoration project was made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Nor’wester Rotary Club of Port Angeles, community donors and a grant from the City of Port Angeles. To donate or make a contribution towards the mural restoration, contact John Brewer of the Nor’wester Rotary Club of Port Angeles at (360) 452-4639. Donors will be recognized on plaques at each of the murals.  

Prints of the four cornerstone murals are being sold at Odyssey Bookshop (360) 457-1045, Port Book & News (360) 452-6367 or Imagine It Framed (360) 565-0308. Cost is $10.00 each or four prints for $30.00. All proceeds go to the Sluicing the Hogback restoration.

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Pose with Kids and the Dog in Front of the MV Kalakala Art Mural Painted By Cory Ench. One of 12 Art Murals on the Mural Trail in Port Angeles, Washington 331 Things to Do in Port Angeles, Washington - #69 Follow a Mural Trail. Download the Mural Trail Map at