Los Angeles Mediator Mark B. Baer Announces Publication of New Book: Divorce and Separation: A Practical Guide to Making Smart Decisions, California Edition

A Must-Read for Anyone Involved in Family Law, Separation or Divorce in CA

LOS ANGELES, April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles Mediator, Attorney and Conflict Resolution Consultant Mark B. Baer today announced the publication of the book, Divorce and Separation: A Practical Guide to Making Smart Decisions, California Edition. This refreshing, informative and legally accurate guide, edited by Baer and authored by Michael Lang, Fiona A. McAuslan, and Peter Nicholson, is described by experts in the field of Family Law as a “must read for anyone involved in Family Law, Separation or Divorce in California,” as it helps those going through this difficult process to make better, emotionally intelligent, well–informed decisions.

Mediator Baer, widely considered a thought leader in the fields of Family Law and dispute and conflict resolution states, “With the exception of judicial officers, leaders within all aspects of the Family Law community in California, consisting of litigators, mediators, collaborative divorce practitioners, non-litigating attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals have read this book and given it rave reviews. The overriding view is that anyone going through a divorce, separation or other type of Family Law matter should read this book – ideally before they start the process – because it will help them to decide for themselves what is best for them and their families and to make more informed decisions. Rather than telling people what to do, the book empowers people, who are under stress as a result of fear and anxiety, to maintain control over decisions that are and should be theirs to make because it is their life and they have to live with the ultimate outcome.”

Divorce and Separation: A Practical Guide to Making Smart Decisions, California Edition, is a self-help book that offers legally accurate, emotionally intelligent and user-friendly information to help people to differentiate between the many processes and approaches available in separation, divorce, and child custody and support matters. The information contained includes descriptions of the different types of professionals involved in the field, and the roles they play. It will help them figure out what they need to discuss and what type of information would help them to make smart choices for them and their family, among many other things.

At the end of the book, “The Tool Box” provides links to many useful resources that provide additional information about separation, divorce, and other Family Law-related matters. It identifies self-help materials and links to sources from which people can learn about child support guidelines, parenting plans, Social Security, retirement plans, and many other very important topics.

“One of the most interesting aspects of this book,” says Baer, “is how it incorporates Emotional Intelligence, throughout, by instructing people on how to make decisions that are not emotionally-based. People make better decisions when they don’t allow their emotions to get the best of them. If everyone who is separating, divorcing or otherwise involved in a Family Law-related matter, took the time to read this book, they would likely make the process far less damaging, conflicted and confusing, which would benefit themselves, their children and their entire family.”

Mark B. Baer is an experienced mediator, attorney and conflict resolution consultant in Pasadena, California. Mr. Baer attended law school as a result of his experience as a child going through his parents’ very contentious litigated divorce, and what he saw as a misuse of the legal system by people seeking emotional justice. As a result of those experiences, twenty-eight years ago when he started practicing law, he steered away from heavily emotional areas.

Ironically, a few years later, he found himself practicing in the field he had deliberately avoided as he didn’t want to contribute to parents unintentionally harming their children by escalating the level of parental conflict. For a while, he believed that he could practice within the adversarial system and help children by doing so in a psychologically-minded manner, in spite of the approach taken by the other side. However, after receiving extensive training in mediation, he chose to focus his practice either mediating or representing clients in mediation. Since then, he has published prolifically on the interplay between psychology and conflict resolution within the field of Family Law, as well as familial and interpersonal relationships in general. Today, his articles are referenced in books, law review articles, and by non-political evidence-based public policy think tanks.

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