Trilio Unveils TrilioVault 3.2, the Latest Version of Its Cloud-Native Data Protection Solution

Expands Network Support to Include Infrastructure Built on IPv6 and Enhanced Network Topologies

BOSTON, April 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trilio, the leader in native data protection and recovery solutions for OpenStack and RHV, today announced the immediate availability of TrilioVault 3.2. This latest release extends TrilioVault's cloud-native backup and recovery capabilities to companies using advanced, modern architectures for their clouds and virtualized infrastructure.

TrilioVault 3.2 features some powerful new enhancements, including:

  • Protection for cloud infrastructure built on IPv6
  • Advanced logging and end-to-end monitoring via ELK framework support
  • Improved self-service management via Keystone user group support
  • Compatibility for production Cinder storage using multi-Ceph clusters within one OpenStack cloud
  • Version compatibility with OpenStack Rocky (Upstream)
  • Performance enhancements for faster backup and recovery times
  • Enhanced network topology support

For Trilio, this release is another step toward providing data protection to OpenStack and RHV users as they build enterprise-grade multi-cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures based on open source infrastructure.

"Open source infrastructure is flourishing as a legitimate replacement for dated vendor-locked technology. As part of this shift, organizations are designing advanced architectures with increasingly specialized use cases," says Murali Balcha, Founder and CTO at Trilio. "Trilio is committed to addressing these critical use cases with our cloud-native data protection solution to further legitimize open source technologies within risk-averse enterprises around the world."

With multi-tenant support and seamless OpenStack and RHV integrations, Trilio makes it easy for users to recover and restore cloud-based workloads from a well-known point-in-time backup. TrilioVault’s application-aware snaps capture entire workloads, including application blueprints, VMs, flavors of the VMs, network topologies, and all the volumes attached to those VMs. With one-click restore, you can bring your environment back to present day quickly and efficiently without the need for low-level scripting or manual refactoring.

The latest release of TrilioVault builds on the major feature upgrades introduced in version 3.0, including unmatched S3 backup target support (without the need for a cloud gateway) and the inclusion of full tenant network topologies in every workload capture.

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Trilio is a leader in data protection for OpenStack and RHV environments, and the only provider of OpenStack-native backup and recovery solutions. Since 2013, Trilio has been on a mission to give tenants more control over their ever-changing, growing, complex, and scalable cloud-based architectures. Today, Trilio is trusted by businesses all around the world to protect their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable, and requires little-to-no central IT administration. Follow us on Twitter @triliodata and LinkedIn or visit to learn more.

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