SSEK Law Firm: GPB Capital Accused by Former Employee of Being a Ponzi Scheme

Houston, Texas, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shepherd, Smith, Edwards & Kantas (“SSEK Law Firm”) has been investigating claims by investors of GPB Capital for almost a year.  That investigation has uncovered very troubling facts about the company.  Below is a timeline of events that should give investors in GPB serious concern:

  • April 2018 – GPB missed its deadline to file required registration forms with the SEC.
  • August 2018 – GPB announced it needed to overhaul its financial statements for certain funds.
  • September 2018 – Massachusetts’s securities regulator announced an investigation into 64 brokerage firms for selling GPB.
  • November 2018 – GPB revealed that its accountant, Crowe LLP, had suddenly resigned during its audit of GPB.
  • December 2018 – Both the SEC and FINRA launched investigations into GPB.
  • February 2019 – The FBI raided GPB’s offices with a search warrant and collected information.

It has now been more than a year since GPB Capital missed its filing deadline with the SEC and no good news has come for investors since that time and no explanation has been given as to why there is such a large delay. 

The GPB Funds being investigated include:

  • GPB Holdings
  • GPB Holdings II
  • GPB Holdings III
  • GPB Automobile Portfolio
  • GPB Cold Storage
  • GPB Holdings Qualified
  • GPB Waste Management
  • GPB NYC Development

SSEK Law Firm has learned that GPB’s automobile dealership strategy has resulted in several lawsuits between GPB and dealerships.  One such lawsuit involves GPB suing a former employee, Patrick Dibre, alleging Dibre failed to deliver on several New York area dealerships.  In his response to GPB’s complaint, Dibre claims the suit against him is a ploy and being used to “divert attention away from the fact that the losses occasioned by GPB were in fact caused by a very complicated and manipulative Ponzi scheme.”  If GPB is, indeed, a Ponzi scheme, it is incredibly important that investors act now to protect themselves.

If you invested in any GPB-related funds, please contact SSEK Law Firm today for a free, confidential evaluation of your investments and legal options.  We have a team of attorneys, consultants, and staff with over 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law that are ready to assist you in recovering your investment losses.


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