Foundation for Climate Restoration Announces Global Launch

New CEO Rick Parnell to Galvanize a Climate Restoration Movement

Los Altos, California, UNITED STATES

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) today announced that it is going global with new international projects, a full slate of expert advisors, and a new CEO, Rick Parnell, who will lead the F4CR in its worldwide mission to evaluate, develop and achieve global scale impact to restore the climate.

“Solutions already exist to not just slow down climate change but to actually restore the Earth to the state it was in before the Industrial Revolution,” said newly appointed Chief Executive Officer Rick Parnell. “These solutions are proven and effective. I am immensely proud to join an organization where I can encourage governments, NGOs, businesses and individuals around the world to join forces and get behind scalable, sustainable technologies that are our best hope for a healthy and habitable planet in the future.”

The F4CR’s goal is to return atmospheric CO2 to historically safe levels of less than 300 parts per million by 2050. To reach that target, the Foundation is working with a cross-section of global partners around the world on a range of commercially viable projects.

“Our mission is to take specific solutions that have been in development for years,” said physicist and F4CR Founder and Chairman Peter Fiekowsky, “and rapidly scale them up, by 2030, to the level required to effect real change. For example, Blue Planet Ltd.’s limestone aggregate solution can scale to remove a trillion tons – a trillion tons – of CO2 from the atmosphere in 30 to 40 years.”

“Under Rick’s leadership,” Fiekowsky continued, “and with our international experts, including the Foundation’s Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Paul Zeitz in Washington D.C. and global leader and new Board Member Melinda L. Kimble in Washington D.C., Ocean Expert Advisor Dr. Emma Roseline in Madagascar, and European Strategist Paul van Engen in Amsterdam, we know we will be able to fulfill our mission with strategic coordinated action on a global scale.”

F4CR’s solutions are intended to work hand-in-hand with other efforts to reduce emissions and adapt to the changing climate. 

“The Foundation’s goal of getting atmospheric COdown to 300 parts per million by 2050 is ambitious,” said Kathleen Rogers, Executive Director of the Earth Day Network. “But we believe it is essential and achievable, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to help. Rick brings more than two decades of highly relevant global experience and there could be no better person to take on this challenge.”

As the new CEO, Parnell is responsible for the direction and day-to-day operations of the F4CR and its sister organization, the Climate Restoration Alliance (formerly Healthy Climate Alliance). In his former position as Chief Operating Officer of the United Nations Foundation, Rick and the team helped mobilize $2.2 billion to support the UN agenda and build partnerships to solve global challenges.

“Environmental problems often do not begin and end inside the borders of just one country,” said Melinda Kimble, F4CR Board Member. “The Foundation for Climate Restoration recognizes that global action is essential to address major transboundary climate issues. I know Rick has the dedication and experience necessary to bring people and solutions together.” 

About the Foundation for Climate Restoration and Climate Restoration Alliance:
The non-profit Foundation for Climate Restoration began with a question: How might we reverse global warming and safely restore the climate and the Arctic ice by the year 2050? Today, we work with partners around the world - connecting the right people to the right ideas and resources - to launch financially viable Climate Restoration projects and, through the Climate Restoration Alliance, develop and deliver education, networking and advocacy programs. For more information, visit Foundation for Climate Restoration.

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