Advantego Corporation and InnerScope Hearing Techologies Expand Partnership Agreement

Advantego Corporation (OTCQB: ADGO) and InnerScope plan to distribute headphones and other assistive listening devices with personalized hearing profiles for the hearing impaired through InnerScope’s vendor agreements with, and

DENVER, CO, May 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Advantego Corporation (OTCQB: ADGO) today announced the expansion of an existing Strategic Partnership Agreement and Distribution Agreement with InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND) of Roseville, CA.

The Agreement includes a joint development of a proprietary hearing software for self-administered frequency threshold hearing assessment to accurately create personalized hearing profiles based on each person’s hearing strengths and weaknesses. Advantego will be able to offer this proprietary hearing profile software within its range of hardware products to assist the millions of hearing-impaired individuals.

“We agreed to a more collaborative relationship on a number of fronts as both companies mature in the audiological and hearing-impaired world,” according to Robert W. (Rob) Ferguson, Advantego’s Chief Executive Officer. “With Innerscope becoming a disruptive force in the fast-evolving audiological market, we can capitalize on our newly expanded capabilities of design, engineering and manufacturing of hardware products and licensing of third-party technology,” he said.

InnerScope plans to distribute Advantego’s newly developing products including headphones, sound bars and other assistive listening devices through its vendor distribution agreements with, and

Matthew Moore, CEO InnerScope Hearing Technologies, commented: “We are excited to extend our partnership with Advantego. The Agreement allows both companies to continue to jointly develop and distribute innovative hearing technologies for the tens of millions of people that either need hearing assistance or just enjoy personalized enhanced hearing.”


InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND) is a rapidly expanding consolidator of the hearing aid industry. Management is applying decades of profitable industry experience and technology to an antiquated and disjointed industry, unlocking scale and efficiency, which will serve all InnerScope’s stakeholders. Its direct-to-consumer model is revolutionizing the industry with its, and relationship representing a paramount shift in the consumption of hearing aids by the hearing impaired.

In addition, InnerScope plans to continue to open, acquire, and operate a physical chain of audiological and retail hearing aid clinics. InnerScope’s mission is to serve approximately 1.2 billion people around the globe that are suffering with 25 db or greater hearing loss across the entire hearing impaired vertical from R&D and manufacturing through direct consumer sales and services. For more information, please visit: For the Most up-to-date information about InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND), please visit and follow our Official Twitter account @inndstock Page.


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