US Payments Forum Provides Best Practices for In-store Contactless Acceptance in New Resource

PRINCETON JUNCTION, N.J., June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MTA’s recent launch of OMNYi and initiatives from several large financial institutions to offer contactless cards are evidence of the growth of contactless adoption in the U.S. As more opportunities arise to tap to make a payment, clear communication at the point of sale (POS) is needed to indicate that contactless cards and devices are accepted. The U.S. Payments Forum is helping issuers and merchants to improve this experience at the POS with a new resource describing best practices for contactless acceptance.

The white paper, “Consumer Experience at the Contactless Point of Sale” can be downloaded at

Contactless adoption is advancing in the U.S. – more consumers are going to be using contactless EMV chip cards and mobile wallets in the near future as a result of increasing availability and acceptance,” said Randy Vanderhoof, director of the U.S. Payments Forum. “But an essential part of this growth involves making sure consumers know where they can tap, how to tap and when to do so. This new resource gives merchants and issuers guidance to improve the user experience through signage, prompts and other POS recommendations.”

This guide discusses common contactless POS challenges and best practices including:

  • Communicating to consumers that a merchant accepts contactless payments through clear and consistent signage.
  • Prompting consumers when and where to tap during transaction.
  • Familiarizing cashiers with how to properly execute a contactless transaction based on the merchant’s implementation and to help consumers as they transact.
  • Creating a seamless consumer transaction flow with clear communication that a consumer’s card was read and whether the transaction was approved or declined.

Additional Resources
To assist with contactless payment adoption, the U.S. Payments Forum has developed a number of contactless resources for merchants, issuers, transit agencies and ATM owners, including:

Additional resources on contact and contactless chip and other new and emerging technologies are available through the U.S. Payments Forum at, and @USPaymentsForum.

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About the U.S. Payments Forum
The U.S. Payments Forum is a cross-industry body focused on supporting the introduction and implementation of new and emerging technologies that protect the security of, and enhance opportunities for payment transactions within the U.S. The Forum is the only non-profit organization whose membership includes the whole payments ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to coordinate, cooperate on, and have a voice in the future of the U.S. payments industry.

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