Become Major. Stay Independent. Octiive Keeps DIY Music Dreams Alive with Free Single Offer

The largest global digital distribution site is keeping true to its roots supporting independent artists of all kinds with the lowest flat and per upload rates, the most generous payout terms, and, now, a free single upload for every new user


Aliso Viejo, CA, June 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

While the other guys are giving their less famous users the boot, or signing deals with giant corporations, Octiive (formerly known as MondoTunes) is staying true to its indie music roots. Founded by musicians, deeply devoted to the DIY distribution model, Octiive offers the most flexibility and the best terms of any platform. It is also proving its point by offering a free single to all new users. Come see how real indie DIY distribution can inspire you, stay true to your vision, and get you paid.  Get your free single upload here.

The terms are simple, and, quite simply the best available: upload as many songs as you want for $27.99 a month. Always keep 100% of your royalties and rights.  Less prolific? Pay as you go for singles at $7.99 and albums for $17.99 (with a best in field 92% royalties going to the artist. Never wait to get your money: Octiive sets no threshold before you can get paid. And there are never hidden fees.

Starting with the world’s largest independent digital distribution network--reaching the most regions and stores with over 600 retailers, including hard-to-reach ones in Asia,  Octiive adds new tools and services to give indie artists everything they need to fast track getting their music careers off the ground. Octiive not only leads the field by making the process of selling and streaming music more flexible, it also creates a scalable business model that grows with the artist and it is developing a powerful new collaboration platform to bring musicians together from around the globe.

“I’m a musician myself, and I founded this company because I was sick of the status quo,” says Octiive CEO Mershad Javan. “An artist shouldn’t get the boot from an indie distributor that decides it only wants to serve artists with huge budgets, and they shouldn’t be lost in mega-deals with tech companies. At Octiive, we’re creating a community for indie artists to succeed.”

Octiive will frequently be rolling out additional services to keep artists ahead of the curve on the latest technologies and marketing strategies -- including in publishing administration, innovative tools to drastically enhance songwriters’ creative process, geo targeting tools to zero in on precise marketing strategies, and mixing and mastering tools that will produce radio quality content.

Become Major. Stay Independent.

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Octiive (formerly MondoTunes) is one of the world’s largest digital music distribution service platforms, supporting thousands of artists and labels worldwide including well-known names such as Chaka Khan, Master P, and Chief Keef. Since its inception, Octiive has earned its members millions of dollars in royalties, offering artists a hybrid pricing model flexible to their unique needs and interests.

Octiive’s core service offering provides the easiest way to get your music heard on more than 600 online stores including Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal. Blending both a streamlined and personalized approach to helping artists build their careers, Octiive brings the best value in the market today. Octiive enabled artists to upload as much music as they want in just a few simple clicks, keep 100% rights and royalties to provide them with more revenue-generating opportunities, and stay up-to-date on earnings and projected sales across the Octiive network with transparent, detailed reports and analytics delivered straight to artists’ personal dashboards.

Octiive also offers an array of value-added services and products including marketing and promotions, mastering, video distribution, chart eligibility, and playlisting to provide a one-stop outlet for all distribution needs.  Founded in 2018 by Mershad Javan and located in Orange County, Calif., Octiive is giving control back to artists by allowing you to sell and stream your music, your way. For more information, visit


Let Creativity Flow. Octiive offers both unlimited upload plans and distributes to more online stores than anyone else. Be Your Own Label with Octiive's powerful marketing tools.