Attorney Eric Traut on Costco Shooting Controversy and Obtaining Video Footage from Inside Large Retail Chains

CORONA, Calif., June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After the contested death of a nonverbal individual left a community reeling, personal injury and wrongful death attorney Eric Traut of Traut Firm has insight into the steps that the family must take in order to get the available evidence from the Costco retail security cameras before it is too late.

In April, Traut was able to obtain previously shielded retail footage by court order from a home improvement store following the life-altering injury of an employee resulting in a unanimous verdict on behalf of the person who was injured [more info:]. The turning point in the trial was the retail security camera footage, only obtained by following the steps Traut outlines below:

  1. Send a preservation of evidence letter to the business to maintain all records, electronic, and video data
  2. Once the lawsuit is filed, serve discovery requests or subpoenas for store receipts and video footage
  3. Request a court order if the business refuses
  4. Match time stamps of video to receipts, if necessary
  5. Hire a private investigator, if necessary, to identify witnesses
  6. Obtain statements from witnesses corroborating events depicted in video footage

With 30 years of experience litigating injury and death cases including over 100 civil jury trials, Traut says, “In my opinion, the video should be made available to the public. Transparency is a must. At a minimum, family members of the victims should have immediate access to enable them to learn the truth of what actually occurred.”

Having experience as one of the attorneys representing the families of victims of the infamous “Seal Beach Shootings” in 2011, sadly, Traut knows that there are unspeakable tragedies that leave family members with a hole in their hearts and an insurmountable loss. While closure will perhaps never come, some semblance of justice can come from obtaining all available information as soon as possible after a tragedy occurs.

Says Traut, “A family with special needs should never have to fear routine community outings, but it is understood by many, including law enforcement, that interactions with community members can be dangerous for those with special needs at times. Security cameras are there to keep all members of our community safe and to receive justice when something goes wrong, including those in our community with and without disabilities.”

ABOUT ERIC V. TRAUT: Eric Traut distinguished himself early as one of the top trial attorneys in Southern California when he was recognized as the youngest winner of the prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year award in the history of the Orange County Trial Lawyer Association. Eric has handled high-profile cases that have resulted in appearances on Good Morning America, Fox News, Court T.V., and ABC's "Primetime." 

ABOUT TRAUT FIRM: Partners of Traut Firm have litigated cases for a combined 70 years, serving as plaintiff’s attorneys primarily in areas of personal injury, wrongful death, vehicle accidents, assaults, and animal attacks.

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