HEIDENHAIN's New Encoder Selection Tool: Find a Solution that Moves You

New online automation encoder selection tool helps users find position feedback options from nine different brands

Schaumburg, IL, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As part of its ongoing “Customer First” initiative, HEIDENHAIN introduces the new multi-level online Encoder Selection Tool for automation. This new Encoder Selection Tool considers various industries and applications, and then suggests the brands with suitable options. HEIDENHAIN owns and markets position measurement components in North America from nine international companies, each with its own specialties. See www.heidenhain.us .

“It can be quite difficult for many users to navigate the vast product range of position feedback components available from HEIDENHAIN and determine what best fits their needs,” said Jonathan Dougherty, HEIDENHAIN’s Automation Division Business Development Manager.  “This new tool considers those customer needs and easily distills the many options down to the offerings that are suitable for review.”

Within this new selection tool, users are first asked to “Select Your Industry”, then “Select Your Application”, followed by “Select Encoder Type”.  Those encoder types can be rotary encoders, linear encoders or slip rings, depending upon application.  At that point, the user is directed to possible solutions, further resources for review and a “For More Information” form if interested in requesting more on encoder automation solutions.



DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, headquartered in Traunreut, Germany, develops and supports motion control feedback solutions for the machine tool, semiconductor, electronics assembly and test, metrology, automation, medical, energy, biotechnology and other global markets. HEIDENHAIN employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide in its core business activities. The North American subsidiary is HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION, headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, and San Jose, CA, and has been serving the U.S. industry for over 50 years. Here nine company brands are represented. More information at: www.heidenhain.us/about-us

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HEIDENHAIN's New Online Encoder Selection Tool