Skip the House Fees with BetOpenly this Football Season

San Francisco, UNITED STATES

Welcome to an open gambling network where users make their own lines and their own odds.

San Francisco, CA, Aug. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Announcing the launch of, the USA’s first peer-to-peer sports gambling network where users can create a wager on any game, at any odds, for another user to accept. In the wake of the US’s legalization of sports gambling last year, many companies have rushed to take advantage of the burgeoning new market, relying on traditional formats which charge the customer when they lose; 10% on average for spread bets, 15% on props or alternative timelines (ex. 1st Q) and 20% on Moneyline.

Just in time for the NFL and NCAA 2019 football seasons, BetOpenly is up and running with almost 400 active users. The platform eliminates the archaic gambling regime and allows people to place wagers on games on their terms. There is no house, no 10% charge to the winner, and no fee to join.

This is all done online on BetOpenly’s website [] where users are able to send bets to friends via email or text. While there are services that have similar offers, BetOpenly is the only web-based platform allowing users to create their own lines and odds, all at only 1%.

Founder Gino Donati explains, “I founded BetOpenly to empower sports enthusiasts with the freedom to choose their own lines and their own odds, without depending on the mathematical system that all but ensures over 80% will lose money with a Bookie or SportsBook.”

Gino is an avid gambler, sports enthusiast, adventurer, and 49ers fan. BetOpenly is the 3rd company he has founded.

Join BetOpenly now at [] to enjoy gambling with your friends this football season. Moreover, BetOpenly supports MLB, NBA, NHL, and both college football and basketball bets.


BetOpenly is a peer to peer network where users can create a wager on a variety of sports games. The online platform allows sports enthusiasts to choose their lines and their odds, and then it's up to the next user to accept them through the platform itself, a text, or an email. There is no fee to join the platform, and the winner is charged 1% of the profit.

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