Federal Contractor Gives Perspective on beta.SAM and FBO Merger

After his time working at USFCR, Jonathan Manness

Saint Petersburg, Fla. , Sept. 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FBO.gov is merging with beta.SAM and former US Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) employee turned government contractor, Jonathan Manness, weighs in on the transition in a new USFCR YouTube video

“FBO isn’t showing us all of the opportunities consistently. You’re talking about three to five million dollars you might not even see,” said Johnathan of Maness Veteran Medical, LLC.

Maness returned to USFCR after about two years to pay gratitude to his former employer for helping him learn everything he needed to know to be successful in contracting. While working at USFCR, Maness consulted with over five-thousand businesses to help them win over $1 billion in federal awards. This, however, wasn’t enough for Johnathan. He realized he could help even more people if he started his own business.

Maness told USFCR what drives his company forward. “My main goal is to make sure we’re getting the best products to our veterans and our active-duty military.” Currently, as part of the Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor (MSPV) program with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Maness Veteran Medical LLC is responsible for delivering medical supplies, such as surgical lubricants and wireless ultrasounds to the government.

Into the Wilderness of Government Contracting

Success in federal contracting for Maness began before he ever started his business. While he worked at USFCR as a consultant for businesses, he built his knowledge of the federal market. He then utilized that knowledge from USFCR’s training programs and tools, such as the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP), to get started. As he put it, when he made the decision to leave USFCR to start his own business, he set off “into the wilderness.”

As with any business owner moving into government contracting, the start of the journey is a frightening unknown. Nonetheless, Johnathan felt confident he could do it because of his time at USFCR. 

“The Advanced Procurement Portal has been so helpful for me because it keeps me organized when looking for and responding to federal business opportunities,” Maness says. “Not only that, but it helps me see opportunities before other people.”

The Safe Haven for Businesses

Maness quickly referenced how the government’s systems are like a necessary evil for disseminating information, but USFCR is the safe haven for contractors because it takes the data and makes it more user-friendly. That’s because with the APP he can find federal business opportunities, network with other registered government vendors, and connect with federal purchasing agents. With the coming FBO and beta.SAM merger, Maness is more grateful than ever to have APP.

USFCR has given momentum to over one-hundred thousand businesses over the years, but this one in particular hit close to home with one of its former consultants behind the wheel. Eric Knellinger, President and Founder of USFCR fondly remembers Johnathan. 

“He was a valued employee who always worked hard, brought positive energy daily, and had a right-now attitude. Now, he’s another example of a business owner who uses USFCR services, tools, and knowledge-base to accomplish his dreams. We have a proven methodology at USFCR and Maness Veteran Medical, LLC is a shining example of this success.”